Ajmal Bismi Plus Two Class | EP1 | Class Test | Mini Webseries | Karikku

Ajmal Bismi Plus Two Class | EP1 | Class Test | Mini Webseries | Karikku

What’s it, idiot? Buddy, you studied? You called me at this hour
to ask that? Tell me if you did! Yes. I’ve completed
3 rounds of revision. Since I don’t have any book left to study,
I’m gonna study my cousin’s playbook! You didn’t study, right? You know, right?
Then why are you asking? The teacher may create a scene
this time! We’ll be asked to do
the imposition 50 times, she said! Stop being a chicken! This is only a class test. Cheat sheets are ready, is it? Yes, of course! Bring them for me as well,
tomorrow. No.. way! Can’t?
– No! I’ll sell you out!
I’ll tell the teacher! All right. I’ll get them for you! Now you’re talking,
you eldest son of Ullas! And listen..
I’ll introduce you to her tomorrow! Do whatever you want! Right now, go and sleep,
you fruit of your parents’ prayers! Idiot! Hung up? Sinumon! I don’t feel like going to
the class today! As if you feel like, on other days! Not that. The whole system is wrong. Forcing us to attend classes
for 5 days a week! Then, sit at home and fight against
the houseflies, like your dad! No! Let me freshen up and booze
all day, like your dad! Damn! Wonder who took my maths notebook!
Such thieves! Why are you so worried
about that? I am getting it.. If you have plans to improve,
count me out. Don’t irritate me in the morning itself! There your idiot younger brother is!
He might have take it! Not him. I searched his top to toe
yesterday! This is someone else! Wonder who’s such an idiot in our class
to steal your notebook?! Hey dork! I’ll get you some day! Let’s catch an auto. Else, we won’t be
able to set-up the cheat sheets. Come on then! My breakfast is digested,
by cycling! Hope we’ll reach before the test starts!
With someone like you! Why don’t you ask your dad to
get you a new cycle with gear? So you have no plans to get one? Because I don’t have
cycle balance, right? Go faster!
The exam is at the first hour! Be quiet! Else I’ll kick you! Gotta study hard and eventually
buy these rubber estates! “Unni rubber estate” Would these estates be here
by the time I become successful? This problem is quite easy.
You gotta learn only one equation. In fact, no need to learn.
Write it on your hand! But I’ve learnt all these already! You got any other doubt?
– Did I tell you so? No, tell me if you have
any doubts. We can do a revision! But I don’t need a revision! Not for you! For me! Anandu, give me that book!
Wasting my time! Carry on, then! Oh! You reached early, for this? For what?
– I saw you flirting with her! You’ve misunderstood me terribly! Anandu, I’m talking about
what I saw! Is it my mistake that
I am the brilliant student in our class? What?
– She came to me with a doubt! I clarified it for her. That’s it! Whatever, Anandu! So you don’t trust me!
I swear on you! He’s bluffing! God! Is that you? She was going somewhere.
He pulled her, asking a doubt! Anandu! Get lost! Hey! You sociopath!
Chinju! Go on! Follow her around!
Shameless! Where are these scums? Where were you? There was heavy rush at
the shop! Here! Cheat sheets? Careful! Hide them! I don’t have any place to hide them! There! Don’t shake your head! Stop shaking it, you!
– Got it! That’s all? Where are the formulas? Formula.. Well, here! Take them all! What’s this? A soap?
– Open it and see, buddy! See these?
– Such a bright guy! Careful! Did you take a shower?
– Yes! – Keep it, then! Why are you playing cards? Card game? Don’t malign it!
This is rummy! It’s a moneymaking scheme! Isn’t this MPL?
– Right! You started making money? I’ll positively buy a bike,
playing rummy! Let it be! You remember
what I said, right? What’ll you do with cheat sheets
after the exam? – Burn them! I’ll punch you right here!
– What to do then? Swallow it? Don’t throw them away! Gotta return to me
in their original form! I can’t write them down
for every exam! Got it? – All right! Please don’t call my name out, there! They already have doubts on me.
You know, right? I got 2 cheat sheets for
commerce class. I’ll be right back! Don’t panic! Go ahead!
– All right! Come on! Okay! Everything’s set!
Come on, boy! Listen.. I don’t like you speaking
to other girls! Is that my mistake? We got very few guys here, who
look good and study well. I’m one of them! Naturally, they’ll have feelings for me! But my feelings?
Only towards you! They are all jealous! Sin 1/2=1. Cos 1/2=0.
Tan 1/2=Not defined. Isn’t that unfair? I don’t know, pal!
– Chuck it! [More mathematics jargon] Where does ‘Cot x+y’ come? ‘Cot x+y’ in between your legs!
I don’t remember a thing! Come on! Hey, do you remember
where ‘Cot x+y’ comes? Stop yawning! You’re not on a cot!
I’m asking about ‘Cot x+y’. I don’t know. Here are the equations
for today’s exam. Find out yourself! Let me have a look! Isn’t this differential equation?
– Isn’t that the exam topic? Today’s topic is trigonometric equation,
you idiot! Who said so? Who said so! Are you
out of your mind? Erase them off! Good that you told me in advance!
I would’ve written them for the test! Write these trigonometrical equations!
Hurry up! Can we do it after having
a lemon juice? Shut up and write! What’s it, gal? Listen.. Do you need any help? Give me Rs. 2,000.
I wanna go for a Munnar trip! Not that! You need any help for the test? Of course! Just throw
the answer papers to me! Do you know to make
paper rockets? We don’t need any help now!
Get going! All right, if you say so! Let her help if she wants to!
It’s a test after all! We can get enough help with these!
Can’t bear more! Let it be, then!
– Oh no, it slipped into my undie! Hey! Is our tour plan sorted out? That’s what I was saying.
The tour is done! Tour? Who went? Where? When? Tour is done for, I said!
The class tour is cancelled! During teachers’ meeting,
the new principal suggested, not to take 10th and
12th students for tour! The ‘old lizard’ was a better principal! Right! This guy is always furious! Whether the class tour is cancelled or not,
we are going for a trip. Right? Of course! That’s not fair! We too wanna join!
– Pitch in your share! Then you may come! The money? I can use
my granny’s pension. God! Protect my granny! Do as you wish. Once the money is set,
we’ll leave the next day. Shall we go to Calicut then? We get good Arabian food there. Al faham and ‘Mayoos’!
They’re awesome! ‘Mayoos’? What’s that? It’s a white gravy used as
a dip for chicken. It’s nice! It’s not ‘Mayoos’.
It’s ‘Machanise’! Oh! Is that so?
– He’s just bluffing! As if we don’t get them here!
Trips are not just for tummy-filling! What else then?
– Who’s taking him anyway? You wanna go for a tour? This is what I said. We don’t have
unity among us. What do I do then? We haven’t got lunch today.
Can you share your lunch with us? Get lost! I got only a little portion!
If I give you that, should I eat ‘unity’? As if! I won’t even give you
my funeral feast! Good morning, teacher!
– Good morning. Sit. Everybody is ready
for the test, right? Arun? You’ve studied, right? Yes, miss! Reem! All the best! Since you all are thorough with
inverse trigonometric functions, Let’s have the test on
differential equations, from the 1st term. Marvellous! Photocopies wasted! Anyway, things don’t go
the way we plan.. It was the way I planned,
you idiot! It’s ok! Let it be!
– Get lost! My fate! As usual, we’re gonna score ‘0’! Ask her to postpone the test! Miss!

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