Airbnb vs Hotel Stays ? – Travel Tips ✈

Airbnb vs Hotel Stays ? – Travel Tips ✈

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon and i’m in Fort Lauderdale for the weekend And because it’s so humid outside so you’ve got to take 3 showers a day just to survive. I’ve decided to make an indoor video tackling the great Debate Airbnbs vs Hotels Because i’m actually spending 2 nights at each, perfect timing right? If you want to keep up with all of my adventures from the around the world and learn some useful travel tips as well. Make sure that you’re subscribed and have notfiications turned on So you don’t miss out on any new videos. Let’s get started and the first thing that everyone is always concerned about when you look at Airbnbs vs Hotels Is Price Now on the surface i’m going to give Airbnbs the edge here Because not only can you rent your own apartment Which i’m doing right now But you can also rent a room in a shared apartment And there’s even more budget options I’ve seen the ability to rent a tent in somebody’s backyard And that’s something you could never do with a hotel Now on the flip side I’ve noticed that nicer hotels tend to cost more than your average AirBnb In most cities You do have the option of using points to book hotels Which you can’t do with AirBnb For example we’re staying at this really nice room at the PGA Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida And I spent just 9,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points per night to book it. Another cool thing about hotels is that sometimes you will find sales on a brand On And I’ve never seen a site wide sale on Airbnb Let’s talk Amenities And this is where Airbnbs tend to shine for me Not only does this apartment in Fort Lauderdale have a living room And a full kitchen As well as a washer and a dryer But even for somebody like me who’s not a good cook Just having the ability to scramble eggs in the morning Or if i’m feeling adventurous enough To try and cook some dinner Can save you a lot of money Especially if you’re staying in a really expensive country Let’s say somewhere in Western Europe Alright so you don’t have the option to cook food at a hotel But we have do have here is an on-site restaurant And most hotels typically have places you could walk to nearby So if you’re okay being lazier And spending more money. Hotels usually work And one advantage to hotels which you’ll never get at an AirBnb Is room service. I’d like to order a Cobb Salad One of my favorite things about AirBnbs is location Because many times they are located in more residential areas than hotels are. Hotels generally tend to be clustered all in one spot So if you’re interested in exploring a particuluar neighborhood in a city And there’s not hotels there You can generally find an AirBnb pretty close by Then again unless your AirBnb host is super informative and helpful Staying at a hotel typically does gives you the option to have a concierge Who can provide you with a list of things to do And brochures So if you want to have your hand held a little bit more in a new city Hotels are definitely the way to go The length of your stay is also a very important factor in determining between an Airbnb and a hotel For a longer term stay I generally would pick and AirBnb I mean what better way to feel like a local than having your own apartment in a really cool neighborhood Now another tip that I discussed in my first Airbnb Video was how you can contact hosts in advance And try to negoiate a price for a monthly rental A lot of times they are going to be willing to bring that price down To ensure long term occupancy of their place On the flip side for a shorter stay, generally anything under 2 or 3 nights I tend to prefer staying at hotels Because there’s just more to do On site And i’ve also been using points to pay for it. One perk to Airbnbs is the amount of space that you get This is the living room area just by itself Got plenty of space And a humongous TV We’ve also got 2 bedrooms down the hallway Alright AirBnbs definitley win on space This is a room, but it’s just a room I knew I should have ugpraded to that suite Let’s talk aobut one thing that’s really bothered me lately about Airbnbs And that’s what I call the petty negative reference Now this has all started in my opinion because a lot of guests are expecting to much From these apartment rentals And they’re starting to right really dumb things on hosts profiles So in return hosts are starting to get very petty about what they expect out of you And i’m going to give you a great example from my last Mexican trip And I can not make this up We got a negative reference because we did not make the bed Before leaving the apartment Let me repeat that We did not make the bed Isn’t the whole point of not making the bed so they can more easily wash everything? Maybe she was going to leave the sheets and comforter like that for the next guests I don’t really know We contacted AirBnb about it They weren’t willing to do a thing And I’ve heard other people getting negative references for things that they didn’t even do And that’s one thing about the whole Airbnb reference system that is really starting to bug me The glory of staying at a hotel is that generally you’re anonymous and unless you have an all night boozefest And start throwing things out onto the street You’re probably not going to have any problems But I am not recommending that sort of behavior for my viewers Let’s talk internet here Especially for you business travelers out there And at an Airbnb First of all you’re never going to have to pay for Wifi internet Second you’re generally going to find faster internet speeds At a private residence Than at a big hotel where you’re sharing that wifi with hundreds or even thousands of other people. Then again depending on where you’re staying Most hotels do come with a desk to work at And they also have business centers Where you can make copies and print stuff There isn’t one right answer here Some people do better at hotels Others do better at AirBnbs If you’re like me, maybe you like both of them For a short term stay or for a stay where I can utilize points Or a big sale I’m going to pick a hotel For a long term stay I’m definitley going to be taking an AirBnb It’s those 3 to 7 night stays where sometimes I’m just not sure And I’ve got to take it on a case by case basis Guys leave me some comments down below Tell me do you prefer staying in AirBnbs Or hotels And why And give me some examples. I’m also going to be leaving a coupon down below if you want to register for your first AirBnb stay You will get $40 off If you’re new here please subscribe And pound that like button Thank you so much for watching Hope you guys learned a lot And make sure to stay tuned I’ve got a lot more content coming out from New York City and beyond Peace

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  1. Do you prefer Airbnbs or Hotels?
    Take $40 off your First Airbnb Stay:
    Airbnb Tips Playlist:

  2. I really like what you did here, i am always thinking which is best. did you see the show Adam ruins everything about this topic?

  3. I prefer AirBnB (and VRBO) in Hawaii since so many of them are pet-friendly and allow us to bring our large dogs, and then I write reviews of those places (Lots of dog-friendly vacation rentals in Volcano!). I can speak personally to the owner and explain that the dogs are trained, clean, etc. whereas most resorts do not allow pets, and if they do, there's a weight limit. That being said, it's nice to get away to a fancy schmancy resort every now and then! 😉

  4. It's like the difference between staying in a hotel or a condo. I have stayed in 3 different types of rooms in kauai. A reg room, a bungalow with a partial kitchen, and a condo/apartment. I liked them all but for different reasons. The bungalow was my favorite of the hotel type. I liked that I had the perks of the hotel. Free fruit and tea in the restaurant and we were able to win some big discounts on a few excursions during the free welcome breakfast. And the condo/apartment had 2 bedrooms a living room and full kitchen. There was no maid service unless you paid extra for it but I was fine with that CAUSE I clean up anyway. And then you didn't have to worry about people being I your room. But you didn't get any perks to staying. The benefit to that one was the kitchen and bedrooms. It was great since we had our son with us. Also I like not having to have all of our stuff out in the living area when you have a separate bedroom. Also we had a washer and dryer in room. That was great.
    To me though it's all about the specifics of the trip and the price of the place.

  5. I appreciate the time effort and commitment you put into each of your videos. like i said and can't wait to see more awesome content in front of you. Please Subscribe back if you want. Just came from video creators

  6. Ok I think I'm going to Fort
    Lauderdale Friday and I'm going to do a Airbnb on my own for the first time. Kind of excited! I want to have a little Bahamas trip and sail out on Saturday super early. I think I'll stay over Friday! Thanks for all the information J!

  7. Highly Appreciated can I have your email to contact as I put some questions in your comments but as of now no answer actually I'm planning from dubai to Italy for two day then Netherlands then Germany I need perfect budget place as its my first visit and I don't know how find the best place

  8. John!! Please help lol! Do I want to stay in Roma Norte or Condesa? I want to be in all the fun, not crazy party girl but want to get a taste of the culture and a
    Little night life. I would like to be able to walk around to bakeries, cafes and shops. What do you think? Which did you prefer?

  9. Great video! For shorter stays(A night or two) I like hotels sometimes, but if it's a little longer vacation a really like Airbnb more, it's nicer to have a whole apartment for yourself than a small room plus I feel more like a local:) But for a night hotels are nice aswell and here in Sweden I would say that an average Airbnb(Private and modern apartment) and an average hotel room costs about the same:)

  10. Hotel all the way because they don't expect as much from Airbnb when you have an Airbnb house you have to leave it how you found it you have to clean up after yourself I Stay hotels you have someone cleaning after you and doing your bed and you don't have to worry about doing your bed I feel like when I'm going to trip I want a minute to do clean my mess it might sound lazy but I'm in a trip having fun everyday and be is just like being at home and going out it's okay and it's fun but honestly I prefer Resort Hotel

  11. I've had some pretty great experiences with Airbnb over the last couple years. You can set your price range and experience type (I prefer renting an entire home for a weekend) and explore your options in cities around the world. Here is a referral link for some $ off your first stay! Stay curious my friends, and explore as much as your can!

  12. All Airbnb properties need the TUBTOOL. It cleans tubs, showers, counters, and fixtures. Order (all one word) TUBTOOL on Amazon to simplify your bathroom cleaning. You'll love it!

  13. Downside to Airbnb in my experience:
    -It's not always cheaper. You can sometimes even negotiate decent deals with hotels during off-peak seasons.
    -Not all of them have self check-in. We waited 2 1/2 hours (with all of our luggage in tow) at a coffee shop because our host was running late.
    -Unlike hotels, it's usually not a "get up and check-out" like at hotels, you are usually expected to clean, take out the trash, and ( like mentioned) make the bed. It's nice coming back from a day of sightseeing or vacationing and having your bed made.
    -Airbnb rentals are not always welcomed from local residents. Not that you're there to make friends with the locals, but an unwelcoming presence does not add to a good vacation.
    -Fitness facility, luxurious pool and hot-tub, and other like luxuries are often absent from most BnBs. Everyone's needs are different, but I enjoy the luxury of relaxing at poolside and having a bar close by or someone to bring you drinks.

  14. Coincidentally, I'm staying in my first Airbnb during my trip to Miami in march lol! One thing that Airbnb has over hotels is the lack of ridiculous resort fees and paid parking that many of these hotels have been charging. It started in Las Vegas but it seems to be trending everywhere now

  15. There are upper scale Extended Stay Hotels like Staybridge Suites, Homewood and Residence Inn that have fully equipped kitchens in each room and you don’t have to stay long term to book them.

  16. I like hotels, but I prefer VRBO/Homeaway, 100%. After a bad experience with airbnb…nope. I've rented with vrbo so many times, not one bad experience yet. As always, good video Jon😊

  17. Hello from Lethbridge AB Canada..😊. We travel & stay in all types – and we host as Airbnb & VRBO, (even an Airbnb yurt in the Rockies!). Great topic, cause now we are booking in Monterrey MX for March. We plan not to do any cooking, and also have a tour/ foodie guide in MX…😁. but are still considering both types of accomo. This time for us it really depends on using hotel points (cost), and sleeping arrangements that we find since we have 3 guests. We've usually preferred to avoid hotels since we don't care for the 'hustle & bustle' of the hotel scene. Also for more than 2 nights appreciate more space and some quaint outdoor hangout. So in the end, depends on budget, duration, and locale.

  18. Honestly, just get status in a chain. Free upgrades to suites, free breakfast and lounge access. Airbnb hosts are notorious to double post their properties. Then they cancel the booking that had the lowest rate.

  19. Do airbnb host really check how many guests you bring over ? I’m debating between getting one but theirs 2 extra people staying over and if I add them the overall price goes up tremendously

  20. I would suggest that anyone intended on using Airbnb to first visit the BBB, and read through some of the hundreds of comments left by users. It would also be in your best interest to read through all of the terms of service you will be agreeing to, as their policies leave the consumer with little to no legal recourse once agreed upon.

  21. Hi I am a solo female traveler going to New York City for two nights, would you stay in a hostel or Airbnb? They’re both around the same price except the hostel is $20 cheaper and the Airbnb is in New Jersey instead of the city

  22. I recommend using

    Its an AirBnb but for vehicles, and yes you can put your vehicles, or even bicycles ,surfboards, skateboards and scooters to earn some cash

  23. If only hotels were cheaper, I'd always use them. They don't care who joins you, how late you stay up partying and as long as you don't leave the room looking like a war took place, they won't penalize you. Plus, some have free breakfast.

  24. AirBnB is not worth it honestly, it's more dangerous, AirBnB support is useless and won't punish bad hosts, and your host can just cancel at anytime (a Hotel won't do that). AirBnB also has a history of housing discrimination lawsuits and they don't punish hosts that break local, state or federal laws. If your going on vacation or just looking for a temp place when you move somewhere new, just pay the extra so you don't have to worry about a bad host (especially if your a minority or a LGBT person)

  25. Some people have been telling me that cameras at hotels are the same as cameras in airbnb's. They even say airbnb is safer than hotels & you're more likely to get something stolen at hotels than at airbnb's. They're wrong, hotels are better than airbnb's. Here's why:

    I live in France, the most popular hotels here are Etap hotel, Formule 1 & Premiere classe. They used cards to get into the room not keys. Only you have the card, nobody else.

    Anyway whether it’s a card or a key used to enter your hotel room. Only you have it. Yes an employee in the hotel such as the maid has one too. But tbh besides the maid & the receptionnist ( who only works certain hours) at least here in France in popular hotel brands ( Formule 1, Etap hotel, etc) when you check in at the hotel after 9pm for example there’s no one working in the hotel ( no employees, no maid) until 8am in the morning.

    So the only ones who are likely to enter your hotel room is the maid & the receptionnist. There are surveillance cameras in all the common areas of the hotel ( outside the hotel: main entrance & the parking, inside the hotel in the lobby & the corridors)

    So say the receptionnist trys to enter your room, he’ll be caught on camera in the lobby & the corridor, he could lose his job as he haas no reason to enter a room & receptionnist are not allowed to leave their desk.

    If he does enter the room & steals something ( a laptop for example), there’s no way he’d get away with it. He has to walk down the corridor, into the lobby through the main entrance door & to his car. All those areas have cameras!

    If a maid enters your room & steals something ( i.e a laptop) she risks losing her job ( she won’t risk it) & she’d get caught on camera.

    Now let’s look at airbnb properties. The host can install hidden cams outside & anywhere inside the property. The difference between a hotel & airbnb is that those watching the cameras in hotels are security man but those who will be watching the airbnb cameras is the host!

    So the host can enter the property & steal & walk out of the property with a laptop, an ipad, any other big object. He’ll be on camera but it’s his camera! So no securty man are watching unlike in hotels. And if people/neighbours see him walking out with stolen objects, they’s think it belongs to the host since it’s his property!

    So unlike hotels he can steal something inside the airbnb property, go through the front door to the parking to his car & nothing will happen to him. He won’t lose his job!

    If the guest complains about the host stealing something. The host’s airbnb account will be banned or his listing will be removed. But that’s not a problem, hosts can create a 2nd airbnb account & post their listing again ( you only need a date of birth & email to register as a host)

    If a guest at a hotel complains about someting being stolen, it’s either the maid or the receptionnist. and like explained they will be caught on camera ( there’s cameras everywhere in hotels) & they risk losing their job ( it’s not worth the risk)

    Also at airbnb’s, host can go snooping through the guest’s personal belongings & look through their stuff. They can come in as many times as they want as they have a 2nd key.

    And they’ll never get caught because like I said the cameras inside the property belong to the host so only he will have access to it. It’s not like a security officer is watching the camera at a airbnb property. It’s the host’s camera!

    I forgot to mention in hotels there are over 50 rooms, so there’s a 50/1 chance of a maid choosing your room to steal something. But at the airbnb there’s 1/1 chance of the host stealing from you.

    So to conclude you’re more likely to get something stolen at an airbnb then in a hotel room

    Some people are so dumb 😂

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