100 thoughts on “Aakasamantha

  1. This movie makes me so emotional because it's so relatable. I literally can see my father in the father's character but the only difference is I haven't experienced the things from ug yet and now I'm kinda scared. My dad is just same as the father's just same as the father character and now I guess I should protect him from all those saddest feelings but though they are not in my control I'll try my best.

  2. Excellent movie, great love story between daughter n papa, every girl's are always be lil princess of her papa, thanks for uploading the video….❤️❤️

  3. Father daughter ki enta friendly ga unna daughter 1st preference mom ki istundani e movie proove chesindi especially in love matter

  4. So Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful movie

  5. 1:10:43
    దూరం కావాలా నన్నే విడిచీ
    వేరై పోవాలా అన్నీ మరిచీ – (2)
    ఎపుడు ఒదిగే ఎదపై విసిగీ
    దూరం కావాలా నన్నే విడిచి
    వేరై పోవాలా అన్నీ మరిచీ

    వేలుని వీడని చేతుల వొత్తిడి ఇంకా మరి గురుతుందే
    లాలికి వాలిన రెప్పల సవ్వడి ఇంకా వినిపిస్తుందే
    గుండెల అంచున పాదము తాకిడి ఇంకా నను తడిమిందే
    పూటకి పూటకి పండగలౌ గతమింక నను తరిమిందే
    ఇన్నాళ్ళుగా ఇన్నేళ్లుగా నువ్వే లోకం
    నీ నాన్నాగా నా ప్రేమలో ఉందా లోపం
    వేరే దారే వెతికే…

    దూరం కావాలా నన్నే విడిచి
    వేరై పోవాలా అన్ని మరిచి – (2)

  6. I felt very emotional as he is same as my daddy .. I think the climax scene of the movie will happen in my life in my future….I think I am a lucky girl to have this type of dad 🤗😭😭😭

  7. I can definitely say that this film is the career best film of Prakash Raj sir, The scene where Ravi Shastri goes to 5 star hotel with others was really excellent, every scene was meaningful, thanks to the Director for a descent film….

  8. So many similar things happened to me just like in this movie…my dad came after me wen i went to school on my bicycle but he was okay later .he refused to send me other district to study but it was okay later..I told my parents I love someone both accepted but he is worried about me..I found him Soo cute doing that..I'm really so lucky to have a very protective father who insists but give everything I want in my life…

  9. I cry my heart out every time I watch this movie. I still feel that my father's love and care towards me is more than this. I am blessed 🙂

  10. Just girl in this has less feeling actually every dad's lil girl feelings are too hard to ctrl… in fact if she listens the word marriage soon only one thing comes in mind that is leaving parents and gng all alone…..its a very painful thing ……

  11. E movie chusina prati sari nenu ma dady full adustam…adento telidu automatically kannilu vachestayi…Prakash Raj character exactly Print copy off my nanna luv u nanna so much life lo avrikosamu ninnu ammani vadulukolenu…ma nanna phone lo chustunna nenu e movie….na YouTube channel name "Vasudha kasul" Miri andaru nannu ma dady love ni na channel lo chudochu🥰😍

  12. Daddy is my life daddy is my hero daddy is my love,daddy is my heartbeat,daddy nelaga nannu evvaru ardam chesukoleru,na gurinchi neelaga evvaru alochicharu….Ni Prema entha goppadho I am very lucky for having you😘❤️❤️♥️😘👨‍👧

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