11 thoughts on “A Day at a Luxury Dog Hotel – See J Work – HGTV

  1. This was such an inspirational and preciously cute video! I honestly love Animals more than humans. Unconditionally love until they leave this world of ours. . Love the the purple in the hair! D.J. And all of the dogs at this luxury hotel are all so adorable and huggable! Definitely, Cuteness Over-Load, all the way! Sweet! Thank you so much for HGTV for sharing your super Uber story! Peace, light, and doggie kisses! Susan from Canada!

  2. My, dog, Pierre, was a Chihuahua, had him for 18 years and passed away. He was my son, never had kids, he was my everything to me. He slept with me, I went to the corner deli and had the butcher sliced deli meats for me, gave him bottled water, went on road trips, he was my partner in crime. He's in heaven with my baby sister, who just passed away, She,love him, too! RIP Linda, Pierre, mom/dad and Frances, all my friends and relatives' who have join everyone upstairs.

  3. If you see this do you know if DJ is a golden doodle she looks like a smaller version of my grammas golden doodle named Jackie.

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