8 Things Celebrity Cruises Do Better And Worse Than Other Cruise Lines

8 Things Celebrity Cruises Do Better And Worse Than Other Cruise Lines

You’re about to discover some important
watch outs if you’re considering, or about going on a celebrity cruise. I’m Gary
Bembridge, and this is another of my tips for travellers.Celebrity is part of the
Royal Caribbean group. Celebrity is their premium cruise line. It has big ships and
it competes with cruise lines such as Princess, Holland America, Cunard and in
the UK P&O Cruises. Celebrity has a classic cruising fleet and also very
small expedition fleet, mostly focused on Galapagos. In this video I’m really
focusing on the traditional classic cruise ships. At the time of recording this,
they had 10 ships, and within that classic fleet they already have
plans that that will grow to 13 ships by 2022. They have three different classes
of ship: they have the Millennium Class, the Solstice class and the Edge class.
The four Millennium class ships, which came to service between 2000 and 2002,
Millennium, Infinity, Summit and Constellation hold around 2,100
guests. There are five Solstice Class ships and they came to service between
about 2009 and 2012. They hold around 2008 guests and include the Equinox, which
I’m on, Solstice, Eclipse, Silhouette and Reflection. Edge is the most recent class
of ships, and they came into service in E 2018 with the first being Celebrity Edge,
followed by Celebrity Apex in 2019. There are plans to build two more Edge
class ships. The Edge class bought in a new look and feel and design of some
areas of the ship and the cabins. Those are being rolled out across the
existing Millennium class and Solstice Class ships, and that process will be
completed by 2023. So, very important if you are booking Celebrity Cruise and you
want to go with the new look and feel, make sure if your ship has already been
retrofitted. As they have quite a big fleet, they cover pretty much all of
the world. You can cruise to around 300 different destinations every single
year. They cruise, of course, the Caribbean, they also cover the
Mediterranean, Far East and Australia. They go to Alaska, New England, Canada, South America, the South Pacific and the Middle East. What do Celebrity do better, the same
or worse than other cruise lines in the premium category? I think there are four
things that they do better. First of all the ships. Although structurally very similar to the
other premium cruise lines, I think there is a look, a feel and design element
that does set them aside. Whilst the other premium ships tend to be
more traditional and more classic, Celebrity on the other hand is very
modern. It’s contemporary and they are very much designed led. Even the
existing ships, the Millennium and the Solstice class, have a style and
look to them which i think is very attractive. I do really do like the flow
of the ships and design of the ships inside. Of course with the
introduction of the Edge class, they’re pushing some of those boundaries of
design even more. The hull has a different look and feel to it.
They’ve done some changes to the design and layout of the cabins. They’ve
got rid of the concept of a separate balcony and they’ve made the cabins
effectively 20% bigger and created what they call Infinite Verandahs. These are spaces within the cabin and you have a sliding
glass window which opens up to effectively create a balcony. They have the
Magic Carpet down the side, which operates both partly as extending some
of the restaurants but is most important used as a way of improving the whole
tendering experience. It creates a nice big platform to be able to tender
with much bigger tenders to get people off the ship much quicker. The second
thing they do is create a more vibrant, more dynamic and more youthful take on the whole premium category. The other
premium brands tend to be relatively sedate, are much more stuffy and a lot more formal. Celebrity have a lively and more
energetic take on premium cruising. You’ll find, for example, there’s
more late night events, and they are , more popular and much busier, they have
a more relaxed dress code, they’re more driven by technology. For example
the Wi-Fi is good and you can actually even stream on it. They have partnerships
with Apple and they run training classes. They have an App, which is pretty
sophisticated and getting more sophisticated all the time. On Edge it’s upped
another degree and the App controls the functions within your
cabin. It’s definitely a more youthful, more vibrant and much more
dynamic take on premium cruising in my view. The third thing that they do better
is the whole food and dining experience. I’m not saying that the food and
dining on the other premium lines isn’t great,
but I do think Celebrity ups the ante. I found the food in all the
complimentary restaurants, so Main dining room and the Ocean View Cafe to be fantastic.
The other thing they do is they have a really interesting take on specialty
dining and it’s a very integral part of the experience.
These differ a little bit based on the class of ship you’re on. Let’s
take a look at the Solstice class where I was on Equinox. They had four key
speciality dining restaurants. They had Sushi on Five which, as its name
suggests, is sushi. They have the Tuscan Grill, which is an Italian
steakhouse. They have Murano, which is the French bistro and Silk Harvest which is
an Asian fusion restaurant. As you move around the different classes of ships
you have different dining experiences.
So, for example, on the Edge class instead of having one main large dining room
they’ve made four of those: Cosmopolitan which is the more traditional one,
Normandie which is more French, Cyprus which is more Mediterranean and
Tuscan which is more Italian. When it comes especially dining they have Fine
Cut Steakhouse, Le Grand bistro which is French,
Le Petite chef and friends which has an interactive 3-Ddtable with food from
around the world. Raw on Five which is more than just a sushi. They use the
Magic Carpet when it’s on Deck five to extend Raw on Five and when they take it
to the top they create Dinner on the Edge. They have Eden, which is a fully
interactive world which has dining and the Rooftop Garden Grill. As you move
around class of ships you’ll find different specilaity dining
combinations. The other premium cruise lines tend to have their set speciality
restaurants which they have across all of the ships. I did like
the fact there is a bit more variety and based on the ship you can have different
dining experience. I thought the food was excellent. The other thing that I
think is outstanding is service and the crew. Service, of course, across
premium lines is pretty good, however I thought that it was even better on
Celebrity. You get a sense of a very happy ship and very happy crew, and a lot of people had said to me before I went on Celebrity that the
crew and service is excellent, and that was my experience. What so Celebrity do
that’s the same or perhaps a little bit worse than the other premiere lines?
There’s a couple of things here. First of all, although I did say that it has a
slightly more modern and a slightly more vibrant take on
premium cruising, the reality is on Celebrity it’s still a traditional
cruising experience as per the other premium cruise lines. If you take a
look at the daily program, you’ll find the way that the day runs is basically
the same as the other premium cruise lines. What Celebrity do though is they
have what they call Celebrity Life and all of the activities are structured
under this Celebrity Life program, which makes me think they’re probably going to
try and build in more innovation. There’s Taste which are culinary activities.
There’s Learn which are enrichment activities. Then Play which are trivia
and games and then Revive which are wellness activities. The other thing
which I thought was very similar to the other premium cruise lines is
entertainment, particularly the production show and the guest artists.
The shows follow very much the same formula as the other premium cruise
lines and are song-and-dance review type shows. On the plus side the shows on
Celebrity use modern songs, and they’re all within the last two or three years and
so are more contemporary and modern, again linking back to that
take on a more modern spin on traditional premium cruising. The
shows were good but they were pretty much the same in terms of style and
approach to the other premium lines. When it comes to excursions and destination
briefings, I think again it was very similar to the other Premium Cruise
Lines and, in fact, even some of the mass-market cruise lines. The excursions
were your standard excursion fare, although you had a wide range of excursions. The
book had a lot of options and a lot of choices, but the excursions were
very similar and you’ll find them on other cruise lines. There wasn’t a lot that was
very different and unique. There’s no very specific partnerships or things
that are unusual. In my view, who is Celebrity most suited for? First of all
you need to be looking for a premium cruising experience and a fairly
traditional cruising experience. If you’re looking for a slightly more
contemporary, more upbeat and youthful take on that, then
Celebrity is definitely for you. If you’re looking for a more of a resort
experience, where there’s lots of gimmicks and features on the ship, then
Celebrity is not for you. If you’re looking to get dressed up in your tuxedo,
whilst you could on Celebrity, you’re not going to find that across the ship. If
you’re looking for that much more formal cruising experience, Celebrity is not for
you. Usually on Celebrity the average age is
slightly younger than on the other Premium cruise lines. You’re more likely
to find an average age of 50s and certainly you’re going to find at certain
times of the year even coming down to the 40s.
Of course, if you go on longer cruises or you go out of the key holiday
periods the average age is probably going to be more similar to some of the
other lines. A lot of families do come on Celebrity because they like the more
modern take on traditional cruising. There’s a limited amount of family
cabins and is, of course, Kids’ clubs. Very importantly it is English, and
everything’s done in English. So, you will find most of the guests on board are
American, Canadian, British and of course wherever you cruise you’re
always going to find a lot of Australians! If you’re a solo traveller one
of the challenges of coming on Celebrity on most of the fleet is there are no solo
cabins, so you do pay quite a large premium for solo occupancy. For
example, I was cruising solo on this particular cruise and I paid a 50%
premium for the cabin that I was in. On Edge they have introduced some solo cabins, so the Edge class is starting to cater much more for solos.
So is solo traveller then ideally look more at the Edge class where you are likely to find it
slightly more cost-effective way of cruising solo. One of things I found
is people who like Celebrity really love it, and are very loyal. If you want a more upbeat. a more vibrant
way of cruising within a premium experience, and a big ship experience, then take a look at Celebrity. If you enjoyed this video, I’d love it if you
watched many more of my Tips For Travellers videos as they’re designed to help you
make more of your very precious travel time and money on land, sea and on

100 thoughts on “8 Things Celebrity Cruises Do Better And Worse Than Other Cruise Lines

  1. Have done a few cruises on Celebrity. We recently did back to back cruises on the Edge. It definitely is a step up. If anyone is going on the Edge do make the most of its unique features especially the Eden dining experience and the entertainment. Interestingly not everyone liked the “Infinity Verandas” (we loved it). The crew are enthusiastic and just great and always helpful.
    If there is a criticism it would be Celebrity’s tendency to nickel and dime you especially in their spa experiences.

  2. I love Celabrity. In 2016, while crossing the Atlantic on Constellation, I met a retired KLM captain who gave me another reason to choose this line. He said that Celebrity had adopted many of the safety practices and culture of the airline industry. For example, crew dynamics, where even junior crew members are encouraged to speak up about their concerns. That was very reassuring.

  3. Excellent review Gary! Celebrity is my favorite line for the exact same reasons you stated. I'm curious of what Blue Voyage is going to bring to the table as for a more active-oriented line but of course, it is going to be more expensive than X. One question (or suggestion for a future video?) which cruise line is more suitable for vegans. Thanks again for the information you share on your channel.

  4. 1st time coming up on infinity. only done cranival so far. worried about the daily dress code. is it casual, or do we have to be dressed up all the time


  6. Great video, as always, Gary – question and maybe you will or will not know the answer. What the heck am I seeing moving next to the plate at the 5:36 minute on the video when you're talking about "Raw on Five"? I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out!!

  7. Thanks for the video Gary, I felt much the same after an Alaska cruise on Solstice. We opted for the Aqua class and thoroughly enjoyed the smaller dining room. After a couple of evenings in the specialty restaurants we realized that we never ate in the main room! Always enjoy your travel advice, thanks and keep cruising.

  8. Thanks for this video! I've been curious about Celebrity for a while now. I've only ever sailed on Carnival lol. Could you please do a video on the best cruises for single travelers?

  9. Gary, excellent review and I am pretty much aligned with your pro's and cons. I really do like the service quality of Celebrity and one thing that you may not have mention but on both the Millennium and Solstice classes, you never really feel crowded on the ship. They really seem to manage locations and people flow better on their ships.

  10. Thanks for your great review. Was on the Equinox in 2015 and truly enjoyed it. Celebrity truly is at the top with their customer service.

  11. Gary, I always appreciate your thoughtful reviews but am going to have to part ways a bit with you on this one.

    Until the past couple of years we've always been Celebrity loyalists, only going on another line for an occasional specific itinerary or scheduling reason. If my mental math is right 15 of our 26 cruises have been with Celebrity, and we started with them on the much-beloved Horizon in the very early years. We typically spring for nice cabins (often but not always full suites) and have typically received fine service on most lines, but Celebrity topped them all.


    Our last two cruises on Celebrity (Infinity and Edge) were off-putting and I am no longer considering them for future cruise plans. Celebrity still wins hands down over other mass market cruises for food, and we were quite happy with the smaller main restaurant concept on Edge.

    We pretty much detested everything else about Edge. To your point that happy crews provide good service, I agree, but we didn't find this to be the case on Edge. The crew was acceptable at best and our cabin service was terrible. We never once met (or even knew the name of) our stateroom attendant. Our mini bar was only stocked the last full day of the cruise (prior to that a half glass of a partially consumed drink from a previous cruise complete with straw was all that was in the refrigerator). You'd frequently go to get a coffee or a drink and you'd have extended waits for service (or you'd just have to go get it).

    The Edge seems to make clear that Celebrity is going for pretentiousness over all else: you want a T-shirt or magnet from the gift shop to bring home for friends? Sorry, but they do have a $95 polo shirt with "Edge" embroidered on it. Eden is bad performance art on steroids, and worse, the cast members freely roam the ship interrupting your attempts at quiet time with loud games of hide and seek, etc. Celebrity seems to believe this is interactive entertainment, but it's an annoyance. Traffic flow on Edge is likewise poor in contrast to earlier ships (particularly Millennium class ships, the nearest peers to Edge in size) and unbelievably boneheaded gaffes in design abound. Sushi on 5 is next to the one main corridor between public spaces on the two ends of the ship. The smell of seafood is very strong and cannot be avoided. If you don't like seafood, you better walk fast because it can be overpowering. Individual rooms are often beautiful, but the ship as a whole was nightmarish to us: it was cold, sterile, impersonal, and constantly annoying.

    I do not plan on going back on Celebrity, but I don't like to say "never". Having said that, I will never go on an Edge class ship again. I'd honestly rather stay home. It was the first of 26 cruises where I couldn't wait to get off the ship.

  12. I'm struggling to decide between Azamara and Celebrity. Cost is the main issue, but as this is a bucket list cruise, I'm not sure how much weight to put on that. We don't drink so we don't make it back up in the included drinks on Azamara. Cost of air is crazy! Still destination is all important! If anyone can advise, please do. Thanks!

  13. Celebrity's food is not what it used to be 20 years ago. It is not up to the standards of the Oceania, Viking, Crystals, Seabournes and Regents of the the world. But it offers a UNIQUE combination of BIG SHIP production shows, shipboard attractions and good enough dining. On the lucury lines, the ships are much smaller with low passenger counts. You simply cannot have big shows and attractions with low passenger counts.

  14. Can't wait to try an Edge-class ship in the mid 2020's. We are almost 60 and as far as the "fun ships" been there done that. We're not looking for water slides and go karts on board anymore.

  15. Thanks for that. It was very interesting. We had our first ever cruise on Celebrity and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are in our early 50s and we found the age of cruisers as you said. Only a very small number of families with young children.

  16. Wow..good tips, Gary,
    Our 2 friends swear by Celebrity Cruises, we will definitely look into it for when , we are cruising without our kids..

  17. We just returned from Celebrity Equinox. It was our first cruise and really loved it Great food, drinks and service. Very relaxed atmosphere but thats what we were looking for. Looking at booking again soon.

  18. Back from a Celebrity Solstice cruise a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. I have such happy memories. The ship is beautiful, the food was great and the staff are wonderful.

  19. 5:19 The Normandie Restaurant is definitely one of the most unique things you’ll find on a cruise ship, as it’s the restaurant used on one of their earlier ships that was removed in 2016 and it was designed after the dining room of the ill-fated SS Normandie.

  20. Things they do better (as of 2019)
    *still have complimentary room service (I think most other lines have a fee now)
    *welcome aboard champagne (classy touch)
    *speciality coffees included in drink packages

    Please don't remove these things Celebrity!

  21. Thanks for an excellent review of Celebrity, definitely our favorite cruise line. The only negative for us is that there is not much to do on sea days, wish they would provide more fun and interesting daytime activities.

  22. Gary, in 2021 we are planing a trip to Alaska, Canada when would you recommend we start looking at booking cruises, keep up the good work, love your vids

  23. We’ve done a lot of cruises on Celebrity. Have been on Infinity Solstice and the Eclipse. The ships are so modern and stylish. Love sailing on Celebrity and really enjoy the perks of the Captains Club. Keep cruising 🚢

  24. We just sailed on Celebrity Equinox last week and overall, we thought it was great! Martini Bar was fun, staff was very friendly and our room attendant (Jyonathan) was best one ever. Main dining room was average with better dinner choices later on in cruise week. Murano and Sushi on 5 were excellent. Concierge person was terrible, she needs to go back through training…

  25. Great video ! Just came back from a cruise on Celebrity Equinox of the Caribbean. The trip was wonderful as was the food and service. We previous;y sailed on Norwegian which was good but Celebrity was much better and we'll sail again with this ship.

  26. Great video. I'm considering my next cruise, so this is a helpful overview of what Celebrity has to offer. The Infinite Balcony is an intriguing concept, but based on what I'm seeing in the video it would be a big negative for visibility on your balcony. It looks like if you're seated that big bar is going to be right at eye level. Maybe someone that's been on one of these balconies can comment.

  27. We have been loyal to Celebrity because our first cruise (Alaska) had engine problems before we got on board. They offered options but we picked to stay on board. Even though we were in Seward, Alaska, for 4 days, they got us to Vancouver within the 7 days allotted for the cruise. They brought in extra entertainment, gave us a FULL refund AND credit in the amount we paid for that cruise for another cruise. So….our first two cruises with Celebrity were FREE!! Great customer service, so we tend to book with them. We have also booked our 2nd cruise on Azamara Club Cruises which is also part of the Royal Caribbean family.

  28. I lost my cruise ship virginity on the Celebrity Solstice last Nov 12 nights Sydney to NZ. Amazing ship and the experience. My first ever cruise and it won’t be my last.
    Once you go Celebrity you’ll go back 🍺🍸🎉

  29. Not much of a cruiser, but I took Celebrity to Alaska last year and would agree with you 100%. The food and service were really good, previous cruises I've been on have more or less been McDonald's quality hash houses.

    One point worth mentioning is that when you book you can go Big, Better, or Best… And they allow you to bundle drink packages, Wi-Fi, tips, et cetera into your price. I used the Go Best which includes premium drink package (premium tea, coffee, cocktails, wine, et cetera), Wi-Fi, all gratuities, and gave a $150 onboard credit per guest. Well worth it in my opinion! Every morning I would have a pot of tea and some scones or cakes in tbe cafe area, and it was free.

  30. I am going on my first Celebrity cruise May 30th to Alaska. Thank you for all the informative videos. They give me an idea of what to expect.

  31. Very well reviewed … You get to the point… You distinguish the types of celebrity… I quickly narrowed that I need the Edge as a solo traveler looking for modern luxury!

    Celebrity cruises should pay for you a fantastic pointenly review!

    I don't like to hear a lot of fluff… U gave me everything I needed to choose quickly

    Thank you

  32. Thank you, sir, for your articulate commentary on Celebrity. I've never been in a cruise, and am considering it, so your information has been very helpful.

  33. If you go Celebrity… which is the ONLY way to go:-)….. try Aqua Class for an even MORE amazing experience … BLU restaurant and Unlimited access to Persian Garden … or whatever Edge calls it!

  34. We love Celebrity. It's been a while and the ships we sailed on are now retired from their fleet. As of a number of years ago their kids programs were excellent. Those made cruisers out of my children. Not sure now, but the cafe was open 24/7 and regular coffee and punch were available most of the time. R/C closes their cafes after meal time limiting the places to go and relax. Looking forward to trying one of the new ships someday.

  35. Great video. I have sailed with Celebrity Eclipse and would agree with everything you say. Not a fan of the new balconies on the Celebrity Edge, looks too enclosed, but do appreciate the updated charging stations in each cabin.

  36. I thought I heard you say that Celebrity is a premium class part of Royal Caribbean family? I was pretty certain when they had merged we were told that our accounts would be merged but that never happened. Do you know anything about why that was?

  37. The wifi is expensive so my advice would be to wait until you dock at a destination & visit a bar & use there wifi for free again he talks about excursions which is also expensive my advice look at the excursion you want to do then wait until you get off the ship & do it yourself at half the cost there will be lots of locals waiting to take you anywhere you want by taxi, nonsense Celebrity do about 3/4 formal nights on a typical 14 day cruise

  38. We have been on a Celebrity cruise and we’re going on another in August. I agree completely with the comments in this video. Right on

  39. AZAMARA also owend by Royal Caribbean is certainly a Premium above Celebrity I like all 3 for different reasons ofcourse

  40. I hate the French bathroom arrangement where there is no sink in the toilet area. Hate it with a passion because when you want sink privacy for washing this or that you can't get it. At the shower is off the cabin as well. Basically they have removed the bathroom. I would never sail on a ship like that.

  41. We just finished all the details for a 15-day cruise on Summit in the fall–your review has encouraged us as we were Princess loyalist until now. So looking forward to fall color from the newly refurbished ship. I, too would like your incite on travel insurance for all types of cruise situations.

  42. Celebrity is our first line (Century in 2003) out of 8 and even though we don't get to cruise with them as often as we would like it is very high on our list of preferred lines. There are so many pluses, but one of most enjoyable is our fellow cruisers. Very classy atmosphere. Nice video.

  43. my wife and i hav esailed 52 times on celebrity cruises. loved every cruise – staff, food, activites, amenities, entertainment, and more.

  44. What they do best for me is outdoor dining. Been on Solstice and Equinox.
    The dining room food on the Solstice was horrible. The Equinox around the med was good.
    Overall thought the food on the MSC around Europe was much better.than the Soltice. They had a healthy eating section which was brilliant.

  45. Totally agree with all the points. This guy knows what he is talking about.
    One thing however, is that Celebrity (Equinox at least) has a very limited afternoon live band schedule. We hung by the pool one afternoon and about 1:30 pm and the band came out (to everyone's delight to start dancing in their bathing suits) for one set and then stopped playing after about 1/2 hour, never to come back. Another day at the pool, there was no live band at all. And this was the HOUSE BAND, the band that is on the ship the entire cruise!
    They also do that at cocktail hour in the main lounge area where they show up at 5 pm and stop playing at 6 pm and then play recorded music, just when everyone is getting into the swing of things and starting to get juiced, loosened up, feeling good, and losing inhibitions to dance to live performers. Best part of the day is over before it gets started! The entertainment during the day and the late afternoons, left much to be desired on the Equinox!!!

  46. I love so much your video and I really agree all about celebrity cruise and hopefully one day will be the top cruises in the world.

  47. I recently cruised on Edge to the Med – the ship they call in hotel on Sea. Why would one want to cruise and feel its a hotel???The world is full of amazing beach hotels with tropical gardens and excellent hospitality.

    In-house production was extremely poor quality. Acrobats were boring. Modern songs did nothing for many guests. Guest Relations are totally unfriendly, serious and formal. Celebrities are informal but why are the staff not friendly in the entertainment zone?

    I have cruised many times on Princess and have come back with great experience of entertainment, dining, smiles and laughter all around.

  48. just came back from celebrity cruise from,to southampton, the baltic to st. petesburg, that was the worst cruise we ever took. bad service, lousy food, 3 days in main dinning room and we quitted it, and the buffet was even worse, done with celebrity. shame on them.

  49. My first two cruises were with Celebrity and those experiences were top-notch. My third was with HAL to see the midnight sun. Wow, was I disappointed! I saw rust and sort of rippled metal where it obviously should have been smooth and that was on their flagship (at the time), the Koningsdam. Their food was ok, but not great either and I'm referring to their specialty dining as well as the free venues, so yeah. I'll stick w/Celebrity from now on. I should also say that I brought my two adult daughters, ages 33 and 25, and they loved it! Thanks for the review!

  50. I was on celebrity constilaion cruse ship couple of weeks ago, on the second night meal found glass in my onion soup. Apart from that staff were good.

  51. Hi Gary
    If I may ask, what kind of vlogging camera did you use on this particular vlog? Great focus and color and overall video.
    Amazing. Thanks sir. Hugs

  52. Yes I agree with another commentator that this style comparison of ships and their strengths and “ weaknesses” would be GREAT videos!

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