47 thoughts on “$500 vs $16 Steak Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

  1. Y'all have stumbled upon the ideal show, have a pro use regular ingredients. I'd watch so many hours of that.
    Way better than the normal pro chefs spend regular people's monthly food budget on one meal.

    Having a professional show us how to make our normal meals, but better. That's the dream. I'm not spending hundreds on truffles for a slight increase in taste. Help me to make my food tastier by technique improvements only.

  2. Frank is soo nice and kind. That twinkle in his eye when he was meeting Lorenzo and how he was so generous with his complements. I also like how he didn't treat the ingredients with any disdain and used them to make a tasty dish. Frank is a real class act

  3. I always smirk to myself when people pronounce fondant as: 'fond-aunt' but petit fours as: 'petty-4's'. I guess it depends on the Indian… or injin 😉

  4. I like them both, Lorenzo is such a jolly and funny person. And Frank is so passionate about his work, they're both amazing people.

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