5 MUST VISIT Hong Kong Restaurants in 2019 – BEST LOCAL CHEAP EATS

5 MUST VISIT Hong Kong Restaurants in 2019 – BEST LOCAL CHEAP EATS

Hi my name is Janice Fung
and we are in Hong Kong today and for today’s video we are going to check out some of my favourite Hong Kong cafes/teahouses/restaurants and let me show you exactly what i like to eat when i’m in Hong Kong Let’s go Must eat/ visit Hong Kong (HK) Restaurant #1:
Lan Fong Yuan – 2 Gage St Central, Hong Kong Must Eat (Food they are known for): Hong Kong Style Milk tea & Pork Chop Bun I’m here now at Lan Fong Yuan and i’m going
to get the pork bun and also milk tea the thing is the line is massive and it took
me 15 minutes to find where this place is it is literally a hole in the wall
there is a massive line and i’m assuming its good i think this is the place where they first had the hong kong milk tea so that is definitely
what i am going to be trying today alright i just got my [Hong Kong style] milk
tea here, and i’m about to see what the fuss is all about i got an iced one because it is quite hot today in Hong Kong wow this is so incredibly smooth and i’m actually not too sure what milk they use i’m going to find out and google it (they use condensed milk) but it is so creamy and delicious OK so in addition to the milk tea i also got a pork bun which is right here the wait was about 20 minutes – there’s no where to sit which is why i’m literally on the floor and there’s a lady sweeping the floor right next to me this is what it looks like – it is a, like a hamburger bun – they’ve toasted it as well
and there is butter and tomato inside and just a little tiny piece of pork it’s very, very small, which is perfect because i have dinner plans later and this isn’t going
to spoil my appetite the pork chop was a bit tough to chew
but the flavours are there look, it’s not bad at all, but if you’re coming
to Central Hong Kong, this [Hong Kong style milk tea] is what you should get – the Hong Kong style milk tea is where it’s at – you should definitely get it
This one [pork chop bun] if you have other stuff you want to eat, maybe give that a pass,
but the Hong Kong style milk tea, man, go visit that place Must eat & visit Hong Kong (HK) Restaurant #2:
Sun Hang Yuen – 38 Kweilin St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong Must Eat (Food they are known for): Minced Beef & Egg Sandwich OK i’ve just arrived at this place called
Sun Hang Yuen and one of their most famous dishes here is the beef and egg sandwich,
which is exactly what i’ve got they’ve got a bunch of other stuff that are
quite famous as well including the Hong Kong style French toast, and a couple of drinks,
but for today all i’m going to be having is the beef and egg sandwich wow, i can 100% understand why people come
here for this sandwich. the beef is so, so, so juicy it doesn’t make the bread soggy at all and it’s extremely flavourful. it’s not messy at all like you can take a
one biter and nothing would fall out wow – it’s amazing – look at this! if you want to start you day right, come get a beef, egg sandwich. they do it – BEST. Must eat / visit Hong Kong (HK) Restaurant: #3:
Lau Sum Kee Noodle House- 48 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong Must Eat (Food they are known for): Wonton Noodle Soup i’ve just arrived at Lau Sum Kee Noodle House,
So without further ado, let’s start. i’m going to try the broth first and see how it is – i can definitely taste, like a bit of the prawns, and a bit of the meat as well but it’s very, very, very subtle. Let’s try the noodles i’m going to try the wontons now – the wrapper is extremely
thin and there’s so much stuffing in the wonton it is so, so delicious
and the prawns are so like fresh and springy! the reason these wontons taste so good is
because the filling is so fresh, it’s legitimately hard to beat and i can see why this is one
of the top wonton places in Hong Kong. Must eat / visit Hong Kong (HK) Restaurant:#4:
Sing Heung Yuen – 2 Mee Lun Street, Central Hong Kong Must Eat (Food they are known for): Tomato Noodles & Toast with condensed milk + butter Ok – so this place is famous for their tomato
noodles and they also have like sandwiches as well
what i’ve gotten is just a tomato and beef noodles, because my favourite vegetable is
tomato and my favourite protein is beef, and this is like the best of both worlds.
OK my noodles have just arrived and i actually added an additional toast with my order of
noodles and i got in trouble with the ladies because she was like ” you need to order these
two things together, dont do it again next time!” But i guess in Hong Kong, this makes the entire experience awesome – if you don’t get yelled
at, at one of these cafes, you didnt have a true Hong Kong restaurant / cafe experience. One thing that I completely didnt realise is the number of pigeons that are around us
as we speak. but that’s besides the point i’m going to try the actual soup itself – the
soup is extremely tomato-ey, it’s like noodles in tomato soup, literally.
i actually dont know what it is that makes this so good, but it’s really delicious, and
it’s just so simple. there’s like 3 ingredients – instant noodles, tomato soup and beef. and now this is what i got in trouble for with the old lady because i didnt order it
with my noodles at the exact same time. it looks really good though, so #worthit, it is so good. it was really delicious and it just hit the
spot. what i find really funny is how crowded this place is, and the place directly next
to it is completely empty – even though it’s like completely furnished, and looks really nice, there’s no one there! make sure you visit that place if you have
a chance, they have really, really good noodles that really hits the spot. You won’t regret
it. Must eat / visit Hong Kong (HK) Restaurant: #5:
Australian Dairy Company – 47 Parkes Street Jordan, Hong Kong Must Eat (Food they are known for): delicious velvety eggs I’ve just arrived at Australia Dairy Company
and i ordered their tea set which includes Butter toast, with scrambled eggs, cha siu
spaghetti in soup, with a Hong Kong style milk tea.
i was really surprised at at how quickly we could get a seat even though the line was
like extremely long. i’m really excited for the scrambled eggs
and i will definitely share that with you when it comes look at these eggs man, just look at them wow it is so incredibly smooth – i honestly
don’t know how they do it i got mine toasted as well so there’s like
butter and stuff on it i dont know what it is about eggs on toast
and ham, but it is just absolutely delicious. and the way that they make their eggs, it’s
like silky and velvety i’m going to make a sandwich out of it i pretty much finished that egg and toast and ham combo in like 10 minutes because i’m starving but worry not, i still got my spaghetti with char siu waiting for me this is what it looks like – ok the char siu was actually really good, it was very very
flavourful, i was thinking like because it’s been in the soup for so long it’d be like
– it wouldnt taste of much i’m going to try my best to taste the broth
as well – i’m trying my best not to intrude in everyone
else’s space, because it is a tiny square table shared with four people, 3 of whom i
do not know the soup doesnt taste like anything – it just
tastes like watered down taste of the char siu and with my meal it comes with a drink and i ordered a hot Hong Kong style milk tea.
i dont usually add sugar to any of my teas or coffees because i feel like, you know i’m
just trying to be a bit healthy wow – you just cant go wrong with Hong Kong
style milk tea. just done with having lunch at Australia Dairy
Company. i thought it was delicious! the eggs, oh man, it is so silky, so velvety smooth
– i have to go back again before i leave, but i just dont know if i have the time
anyway, i know a lot of people say you should know your order before you go in because they
really hurry you, and some of them (the waiters) aren’t the most polite people, so i was worried
because my cantonese isn’t as good as what it was before i left for Australia, so i practiced
what i needed to order but everyone was like, they weren’t mean or
anything – i didnt have a bad experience with them at all
and as i was leaving, one of the guys (waiters) was like “what is your Youtube channel? i
want to watch it” and i was like hell yea! i’m going to plug
my youtube channel! definitely, definitely go visit Australian
Dairy Company – maybe just have a read of the menu before you enter, just so you have
an idea of what you want to order because they are very, very, very efficient and i’m
not even exaggerating.

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  2. Great video! Lang Fong Yuan milk tea was soo good; We actually found it in Coles in Aus! Of course not as good as HK 🤣

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