5 Lunchbox Ideas featuring Sandwiches! (Back-to-School Lunch Ideas)

5 Lunchbox Ideas featuring Sandwiches! (Back-to-School Lunch Ideas)

– Hey guys, we are in week three of our Back to School Bonanza, and this week we are going to tackle the packed lunch. Now if you’re new to my
channel and you’re wondering what is all this Back to
School Bonanza business, you can click on the annotation here, and it’ll take you to
the other two episodes and get you caught up. And there are some wonderful
giveaways attached, so be sure to check it out. So, I am a big believer
in bringing your lunch to school or work. You will save a ton of money this way, and you will also be in
control of what you eat and how much of it you eat. But here’s the rub when it
comes to packed lunches. Did you know that each person
who brings a packed lunch using packaging, tin foil,
plastic baggies, paper bags, creates 67 pounds of waste per year per student, and just imagine how many
students there are out there, and not even college students,
think of the little kids too. So, I thought that that
would be a fabulous giveaway, to offer some kind of
reusable lunch bag and box. So that leads me to this week’s giveaway, the bento-ware lunchbox by Laptop Lunches. I love this thing. It is my new favorite product. So I found out about this
company through my friend, Catherine McCord of Weelicious. If you don’t already know
of Catherine’s channel, I encourage you to check
it out and subscribe. She is the ultimate lunchbox lady. She has some awesome videos on healthy lunches, healthy snacks. She has even written a
whole book on the subject. So she is definitely the go-to expert when it comes to the healthy lunch. So a special thanks to Catherine for introducing me to
my new favorite product and a special thanks to Laptop Lunches for participating in this giveaway. So for this contest one
of you lucky viewers will win the bento-ware lunchbox which comes in its own hard carrying case and includes three different compartments, one for a sandwich and
two for healthy snacks. Now, because it was just too
cute and I couldn’t resist it, I personally am throwing in
the insulated carrying bag and coordinating ice packs. I love these two things,
because that way you can then pack more perishable items
that need to be kept cool, and you’ll also be really
tricked out for lunch. So by now you guys know the drill. If you want to enter this contest, just leave me a comment below, letting me know why you
want to win this prize, and I’ll pick my favorite
comment and award the winner. And remember, you have
until October 7th to enter this contest and any of my
back to school giveaways. So if you know anybody who
could also use this prize, be sure to pass this
video around, and that way it will allow the most
amount of people to enter. So without any further
ado, let’s pack a lunch. So let’s start by reinventing
the classic turkey sandwich. So when it comes to turkey sandwiches, I’m a big believer in getting a little bit more adventuresome and not just going for the humdrum turkey. Pick something a little
bit more interesting, like a smoked turkey is quite nice, or a maple honey turkey
is also a good choice. They’re usually right there
next to the regular turkey, and all you have to do is ask. Often times in your grocery
store you want to head out of the bread aisle and
go into the bakery aisle. That’s where they have the
more interesting breads, and you can often find
rosemary breads, olive breads, things that you wouldn’t normally think of to use for sandwiches, and
you can also get it sliced right there and put into freezer bags. I find the best way to store bread is to actually put it in my freezer and then just microwave it when I need it. That way, it’ll stay fresher longer, and you can end up getting a
lot more interesting breads. Now let’s talk about the spread. So I love mustard when it
comes to a turkey sandwich, but we can make it a little
bit more interesting by using honey mustard, and you
actually don’t need to go out and buy a separate jar of honey mustard. You can actually save
a little bit of money and use regular Dijon mustard and just add a little bit of honey to it. So, often times you have Dijon mustard, and you probably have
a jar of honey around. Just add about a half a teaspoon of honey to about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard. Mix it together, and voila, honey mustard. Then for our sandwich we’re going to need a little bit of crunch in
the form of some vegetables. So I love lettuce and tomato. It’s classic for a turkey sandwich, but you don’t need to rely on the sort of boring iceberg lettuce. You can use something a
little bit more flavorful, like butter leaf lettuce. It’s just a little bit more
sophisticated and gourmet and has a lot more flavor to it. Then I also like to use Roma tomatoes. I find that they’re
smaller and easier to cut and put in a sandwich, and
they also aren’t as seedy and get as mushy as a
regular tomato would. Then you take your sandwich and put it in your sandwich compartment
of your bento box, and now we’re going to tackle
the coordinating snacks. When it comes to snacks in a packed lunch, I always like to have something savory and then something sweet. So I know it’s tempting to
reach for those potato chips, especially when you want to
jazz up a boring sandwich, but we’re going to use
something a little bit healthier that will be just as
satisfying, I promise, in the form of some pita
chips and store-bought hummus. I love these little
bento box compartments, because you can fill the bottom of it with the store-bought hummus, put those little pita chips on top, and the top of the lunchbox
actually acts as a big lid. So it’s so tight that
when you shake it around, you won’t have to worry
about the pita chips or your hummus coming undone. Then for our sweet
snack, I love applesauce. Applesauce is such a
soothing, satisfying snack, especially when you want something sweet that’s also healthy. Now when it comes to picking applesauce, make sure you get the
variety that is 100% natural, unsweetened, because
applesauce can be loaded with all kinds of sweeteners
and preservatives, and you don’t want any of that. Now here in The States, we are spoiled with this pumpkin pie spice, because we use it in our
pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving, but if you’re not from the United States, and you want to know how
to approximate the taste, you can actually make your own. And all it is, is cinnamon,
cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg, or you could just use some
cinnamon, that would work too. I love using these spices
with the applesauce, because the applesauce
is sweet and delicious, and then given this little spice, it just makes it all the more interesting. Now you just put the lid
on your little compartment, and presto, there is lunch number one. Moving on to lunch option number two for our vegetarian friends. I love a good bread, and
for this we’re going to use some toasted olive bread. So go ahead and pop it in the
toaster or under your broiler, then we’re going to add
some store-bought pesto, some fresh mozzarella. I do recommend using the fresh mozzarella wrapped in plastic. It’s better than the
mozzarella that’s actually sitting in water, because
that mozzarella is too soft, has too much water in it, and will actually make
your bread too mushy. So it’s better to use the
kind wrapped in plastic, as it’s harder and doesn’t
have any water in it. And then we’re going to top
with some sun-dried tomatoes. And there you have it, a really yummy, Italian-inspired, vegetarian sandwich. Then for our savory
snack, we’re going to take some fresh cherry
tomatoes, cut them in half, and sprinkle them with a little sea salt. Now I know we just used
the sun-dried tomatoes in the sandwich, but I
really love the combination of the sun-dried tomatoes
and the fresh tomatoes mixed with the pesto and the cheese. It’s a great flavor combination
that’s also really healthy. And for the sweet snack,
we’re going to use some dried apricots with some almonds. I love the combination
of apricot and almond. It’s such a great flavor pairing. You’ve got that chewy
sweetness of the apricot, mixed with that nice crunch of the almond. It’s a great little snack that will leave you completely satisfied. So there you have it,
sandwich combo number two. So moving on to sandwich
combo number three. This one is dedicated
to our vegan friends, and for this one I was inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean. So we’re going to take a whole
wheat pita, cut it in half, fill it with some store-bought hummus, then sprinkle about a
tablespoon of flat leaf parsley. I love the combination
of all of these flavors with the flat leaf parsley. It just adds a wonderful freshness to it that I think you’ll really enjoy. Now we’re going to top with
some fire-roasted peppers. Just make sure that you’ve blotted them with a paper towel first so that they don’t make your sandwich soggy. And then you’re going to do the same thing to some artichoke hearts. Top with some pitted Kalamata olives and presto, your vegan lunch is ready. Now for our savory snack. I really love these bean chips. If you guys have not tried
them, you are in for a treat, and you should definitely pick up a bag. They’re a lot healthier than
just a classic tortilla chip, but they kind of have the
same satisfaction to them. They’re salty, they’re light and crunchy, and they’re filled with
all kinds of beans, so they’re going to give
you a lot more protein to add to your hummus sandwich. Then for a sweet snack, I’m going to use some of my homemade trail mix. I love this recipe because
it’s so easy to do, and it’s such a great little
snack to pack in a lunchbox. If you want to know how I
make my homemade trail mix, just click on the thumbnail here, and it’ll take you to the video. Okay, so the vegans are taken care of. Now we’re going to move
on to the pescetarians. So for this sandwich,
we’re going to do something a little bit more fun, in
the form of a pinwheel. The first thing you’re going to do is start with some lavash bread. If you’re not familiar with lavash, it’s an Armenian-style
bread that’s pretty easy to find now in most supermarkets. Then you’re going to take
some whipped cream cheese and spread it all over
the surface of the bread. I like the whipped cream cheese because I think it just
spreads a bit better, but if you’re not able to find it, regular cream cheese will work as well. To that you’re going to
add some fresh lemon zest, some freshly cracked pepper, some freshly minced dill, and about three pieces of smoked salmon. Go ahead and roll up the bread, creating a nice long log,
and then you’re going to cut it into about two-inch pieces. Then you can go ahead and
take your little pinwheels and put them in your bento box, and your sandwich is ready. Now for the snacks. For the savory option, we’re
going to throw together a quick cucumber salad. All you do is take a hothouse cucumber. I like these varieties because
the skin is thinner than a regular cucumber, which means
you don’t have to peel it, which will save you a bunch
of time in the morning. Go ahead and cut them into small wedges. Throw them in your bento
box, then dice up one radish. I love the radish because
they’re so spicy and crunchy. And then you’re going to take
a splash of rice wine vinegar and throw it over the top. I love this vinegar because
it’s sweeter and lighter than traditional vinegar, and
it’s a great little condiment to have on hand when you
want to add some interest to some freshly cut vegetables. And then for our sweet snack,
it couldn’t get any easier. We’re just basically going to
take some fresh blueberries. I love blueberries as a sweet snack option because they’re a great fruit that’s packed with antioxidants, and you don’t have to cut them. All you have to do is rinse them and throw them in your container. Okay, option number four down. Moving on to option number five for all of you meat lovers out there. I’m going to show you
how to literally spice up a roast beef sandwich. We’re going to go back
to our rosemary bread. So the nice thing about
all of these recipes is I’ve doubled-up on
some of the ingredients. So if you want to make all of them, you could buy these ingredients, and then some of them
will play double duty throughout the week. So to our rosemary bread we’re going to spread some mayonnaise. Then we’re going to add
some prepared horseradish. I love having this condiment in my fridge, because it’s so spicy and delicious and just makes anything you put it on taste a lot more gourmet. To that we’re going to
sprinkle a few capers. About three to four slices
of deli-case roast beef, and then top with arugula. I love arugula as a green
because it’s spicy and delicious and just adds a really
nice kick to any sandwich. For a savory snack, we’re going
to use some edamame chips. Again, I love them because
they’re crunchy and salty and just a little bit
healthier than the potato chip. You can find them at major grocery stores or health food stores. I get mine at Trader Joe’s. They’re pretty inexpensive. And what I like about
them is they’re small, and they can fit into these
little bento boxes perfectly. Now for our sweet snack, which also has a bit of a savory twist to it. I love this little grape salad. I did it once for a packed
lunch I had about a week ago, and I just had to share
it with all of you, because it’s so delicious. You take some red grapes,
some crumbled bleu cheese, and some chopped walnuts. Put it all together in
your little bento box, and then it’s actually meant
to be eaten with a spoon, because it does get a little bit messy. And you’ll see you’ll
get that delicious, cold, refreshing taste of the grape, the saltiness of the bleu cheese, and the crunch of the walnut. These three ingredients
were born to go together, and it’s just a great way to
finish off your little lunch. So there you have it, my
five super sandwich combos with coordinating snacks. I hope you give one of these a try, and let me know what you think, or hey, give them all a try. You’ve got a whole week’s worth of lunches right here waiting for you. And I will see you back here next week, when we are going to
tackle a budget-friendly, gourmet meal made in a
toaster oven, no joke. You don’t want to miss it. I’ll see you then.

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