4 of the Best Street Food Finds in Mumbai

4 of the Best Street Food Finds in Mumbai

– If you’re hungry,
there is no better city in India to find a snack than Mumbai. With over 20 million residents, the city is constantly on the move. It’s loud, crowded, and full of flavor. (water sizzling) Every street corner is a chance to taste something fantastic. (bright music) North of the center, in
a quieter neighborhood called Borivali, you’ll find a sandwich stand that is one of a kind, and definitely worth the 300 rupee ride. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) Great things come in pairs,
and it just so happens that around the corner from Kunal’s stand is another exceptional spot. It’s a traditional Indian puri
dish, completely re-imagined. (speaking in foreign language) Back near city center, just
down the road from Juhu Beach is a stand that is elevating
a dish every Indian knows. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) If you head east and cross
Sanjay National Park, you’ll emerge on a newer side of Mumbai. There isn’t much happening culturally, but there is a dish you
won’t find anywhere else. (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music)

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  1. At 0:22 weird shaped building belongs to Mukesh Ambani that is his mansion it is the most expensive house in the world.as Ambani is one of the richest people in the world

  2. Respect to all these people who are creative and have initiative, and also provide some very good meals to hundred if not thousands of people every month. They deserve the coverage! 🙂

  3. I feel so happy that people of my country are working so hard and thinking so much out of the box . It's so blissful to see that everyone is actually successful. God bless you guys and all the small businessmen who are working day and night to make a living and are not ready to give up. Kudos to all of you.

  4. Trust me its been whole day and half night i have been watching this channels videos. I have just fallen in love with this channel. Lots of lpve from India to Great big Story.

  5. Looks very good but wish India was more hygienic. I would totally go and visit if i wasnt so affraid of shitting my pants on the street lol

  6. If you are worrying about the hygiene, for them they can eat it as they are used to it but if you are a foreigner and coming to India, you might get sick so be careful

  7. "I came from a village to try something new in the city, in a big city like Mumbai, you can take chances like that" — Bhaji cone man just described the thought process behind every person ever who came to Mumbai.

  8. 1. chaitanya at Dadar
    2. kashid chikni stop walk towards beach near primary school and try out fish and nariyal paani
    3. paradise at Colaba
    4. ritz first floor near panjim river
    5. myra at nahur stn
    6. Shalu dhaba at shil phata fish
    7. Bhiwandi dhabbas shalimar
    8. Athithi bamboo near malvan fish
    9. Kayani at metro marine lines
    10. Cafe military at fort
    11. Gaylord
    12. Rostum ice cream sand which
    13. delhi zayka grant road chkn malai barara
    14. Shetkari hotel near swargate mutton thali
    15. delhi darbar fort
    16. masale dar mini punjab mlnd thane check naka
    17. bbq nation andheri w near zee studio
    18. Santushti hotel Khadki military hospital only for chkn kebabs shole, banjara, tikka, pahadi, 1/2 butter chn with garlic butter naan
    19. Joeys pizza malad
    20. st anthony bakery paachpakadi
    21. Jai hind lower parel
    22. baba falooda mahim dargha
    23. major bakery near thivim stn boi atm
    24. tunga somethings fishy midc andheri
    25. parathas for breakfast at calangute
    +91 97363 32532
    26. Alrehmani sandhurst road
    27. Ramashray matunga
    28. shwarmas kadams cafe mlnd east available on swiggy classic and pahadi, open cheese s/w
    29. fountain plazza at fort
    30. bedekar missal and kharwas narayan peth pune monday closed breakfast
    31. Golden cafe deccan Pune

  9. Didn't invent pizza, didn't invent dosa. Mix them up together and claim the invention. That's like saying I invented the laptop monitor because I connected them together 😂😂😂

  10. Duniyaa main alag se hi hai tera naam Bhai…. Barsoo tak yaad rakhaa jaayega tujhe… Naam baahubali sandwich. Aur tera khud ka shareer pagdandi Kaisa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. INDIA Ka sabse chutiya street food Mumbai main milta hai
    Because street food is something which originates from the place, it can be anything which reflects culture and history of the place / street of the city so how come Italian pizza is street food of Mumbai

    Indore-Lucknow-jallandar or even Delhi has its own street food
    But Mumbai is only market you can't call it heaven of street food

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