36 Vayadhinile | Tamil Movie | Part 3 | Jyothika | Rahman | (English Subtitles)

She has special class today Please pick her up on
your way back from work I must go to Ireland I don’t know how But I have to go for my daughter’s sake I’ve lived for my husband
and daughter for 14 long years By telling everyone my husband
and daughter are abroad… …I can’t stay here by myself
even for a single day, Girija Parents generally ask
‘where did you go?’ Friends usually say ‘long time no see’ But you ask the wife ‘He got up only at 10:00 a.m,
and didn’t even have breakfast’ ‘He said he’ll be back home
for lunch after 2:00 p.m’ She’ll narrate by the hour! Every wife is a witness to her husband I also wanted to be that kind of a wife And bear testimony to my husband’s life Even if he didn’t like it! Mithila feels ashamed to call me her mom He’s embarrassed to
introduce me as his wife! I don’t know what I
have done with my life But I’ve always been true to everyone My daughter shouldn’t be like me She shouldn’t become another ‘Vasanthi’ He said this and took her away I should’ve fallen dead
when he said those words Vasanthi…? Then what was Vasanthi to him? What is she in that house today? I feel ashamed, Girija I lost myself only because I
thought my family was there for me But now I have no one I must find myself! Everyone told me Even Mithila told me To check out Facebook I want to see it now Why do you want to rake that now? Just leave it How can it get any worse? Show me the comments ‘Vasanthi, are you a
servant or a Govt servant?’ ‘How terrible’ ‘This is the real ritual
of falling at one’s feet’ ‘Welcome, Tamilian lady’ ‘Vasanthi, the President is on TV’ ‘Switch it off’ ’10 million people in Tamil Nadu
drink and are steady on their feet’ ‘But why did you faint, Vasanthi?’ Is this Vasanthi Chellamuthu
of 1998 Economics batch?’ ‘I don’t think so’ ‘It can’t be our Vasanthi’ Collector wants to see you He came only 10 minutes ago There’s a lady officer inside his cabin We’ve never seen her in
the department before! Maybe it’s an enquiry Or will they ask her to
demonstrate how she fainted? Collector is in there So pipe down Susan…?! She’s my college mate Luckily, she’s my friend too Dress code in our
college was a big issue 20 of us were suspended
for 15 days during exams One who fought with the Principal
and made us go back to our class… …was this Vasanthi! Only after this episode,
I became her friend In fact, she was my inspiration I must catch up with
14 years of our lives I have lots to ask
and even more to share Who is that? What are you doing here? Leave this place at once Should we leave at once? Outsiders are not allowed inside Leave the premises now Or
I’ll complain to the Principal Okay, go and complain Susan, why get into trouble? He might actually complain ‘We’ll fight…we’ll protest’ ‘Dress code is our wish’ We’ll fight…we’ll protest Dress code is our wish Dress code is our right In our college none of us
dress in a vulgar manner Nor do we pass hurtful comments We take everything sportively If their sister or mother’s sari
slips or slides unexpectedly… …or if their dress is transparent
how will they react, sir? They should be the ones to learn
to behave without differentiating Dress won’t make someone
a celebrity or a nonentity We cannot accept this dress code, sir Where is that Vasanthi? I don’t know I must search for her I thought this is
life and bent backwards Now I’m completely broken, Susan Is this Vasanthi talking? I can’t think of any student
who didn’t glorify you then I didn’t possess half your caliber But I watched you and wanted
to study and behave like you! I took you as my inspiration And I’m the Chief Marketing Officer
in a multinational corporation now What happened to you? I can’t- Don’t tell me clichés like ‘I
lived for my family and kids’ Even a mother who feeds her kids
selflessly and goes to bed hungry… …is sent to an Old age
home by the very same kids It’s a selfish society we live in There are 5 do’s a girl can do And 50 don’ts she should not do We can do the 5 which everyone likes But can’t do the 50 we dream about! That’s how simple a life of a woman is Since we are the
answers for everything… …they thrive being the questions If we become the question… …nobody will have an answer! It’s okay if you are
the Vasanthi no one knows But how did you turn into a Vasanthi
who’s being mocked by everyone? Instead of just living… …isn’t it more important
to live with self-respect? Don’t spend your lifetime being… …this Vasanthi who daily
signs the attendance register It’s natural for women
to live for others But also set aside
some time just for you You need an identity of your own! If you lose yourself… …your dreams will also
be lost right before you You aren’t like that Your dream is your signature! You can do it You definitely can In the way these girls dress
and their carefree smiles… …a ‘Vasanthi’ is hidden I need to see that Vasanthi From now on I want to
see only that Vasanthi Good morning, madam Madam, I read it Super! You truly rock Fantastic, madam What’s up? Everybody is praising you sky high! With good reason I’ll tell you Madam, my son showed it to me I felt so proud What is it? I’ll show you in Facebook Dear Facebook friends
A big and warm hello I’m Vasanthi 36 years old This is my true identity Dear boys and girls in Facebook
who hide their true identity… …using Suriya and Nayantara’s
photos as their profile pics I’m the one who fainted when
I met the Indian President I disgraced all of you and our
nation to bow your heads in shame Due to other priorities
in my personal life… …and because daily like all of you
I couldn’t afford to be in Facebook …let me 1st apologize for
this delay in E-meeting you Even though comments and cartoons
about me were remarkably funny… …if I share with you the actual event …it will help your creative
juices to flow even better! Please focus your attention 100% I was waiting in the hall Surrounding me were 7 Black Cats 4 White Cats Only one was a female Messages kept beeping
through wireless nonstop That the President was on his way Not a whisper Trust me! I was the only one breathing Tup! Door opens And in walks the President of India The most important second
in the history of the world The President stood right in
front of me, clasped both his hands And said, ‘Namaste’ Giving up all your spare
time as offering to Facebook Exhibiting without inhibitions …your love and personal space …to Tom, Dick and Jane
in the most willing manner Friends who render such social service This dizzy spell isn’t new to me 1st time I had this dizzy
spell when I met a man I became his wife The 2nd time I fainted I became a mother By fainting in front of the President
I became a ‘sister’ to every one of you ‘Fainting’ has always
placed me on a pedestal There’s a lot of time left My dear kith and kin Wait and see Hats off, no one will
open their mouths again There is 1 more mouth to zip! Good Lord! Please come I’m just looking for the
kind of design you’ll like want to meet Tulasi’ma She fell sick yesterday The boy in our shop
took her to the doctor Do you want her address? Yes Please wait for 5 minutes I’ll get it for you My inbox is overflowing Do you know how many of
my friends praised you? From where did you pick up this courage? One day I just thought
I’m Mithila’s mother That’s all You should have seen dad’s reaction, ma He saw the video 2-3 times He inserted his ID card in the ATM He took the milk packet into the loo! His system is corrupt Needs to be reset – Where is dad?
– Not yet back from work Do you water our plants daily, ma? This will be cleared
within the next 2 days I’ve asked for help to dismantle Why, mom? Flowering season is over To plant fresh vegetables
I must start all over again Who is here to help me do all this? Food is my main problem here The food we eat once a year in India… …we eat 365 days here
and that’s terrible, ma Just make some yummy food and
send it to me through whatsApp Very soon I’ll be in Ireland Don’t worry Show me your cheek Love you, muah I came to see you Welcome me with open arms I heard you aren’t well Old age is catching up on me Really…you came only to see me? Of course This is for you Why did you go to all this trouble? All grown on my terrace Sit down I’ll get you coffee No, not now I have 4 sons None of them visit me
to find out how I am Believe it or not Just this morning I was
thinking, if I had a daughter… …would she have
neglected me like this? And you are here now Then what…am I not your daughter? I’m of no use to anyone And just to see me you came all this way Come inside If you need to go to the hospital… …let me know, I’ll take you That isn’t a problem I’m quite mobile What we need is the confidence
someone is there for us There should be That’s enough assurance
to live a 100 years Who has that kind of time nowadays? In spite of your busy schedule… …you took the trouble
of visiting me at home I won’t forget this till my dying day I’ll take leave This is extremely clean This is eggplant from the market If you find an insect inside
then it is devoid of chemicals! If the vegetable was
sprayed with insecticide… …how will the insect thrive inside? Take a look Nowadays like cheap dyes in textiles… …they also inject dyes into fruits Look at this duplicate How mouth watering it is
with its ripe red color Are people eating this crap? Do they have a choice? Even the winner of ‘Masterchef’… …can’t get the right flavor using this This generation is oblivious
to a tasty gourmet meal This is the bitter truth If you give me vegetables
that are so fresh and organic… …our wedding feast will
be the talk of the town I take full responsibility for it Why did you bring me here? Don’t say a word Just nod your head I’ll handle it It is only for your benefit Come with me I have made a list of vegetables Sir…? Come in Good afternoon Oh! I know you She was the one who visited my shop This is chef Selur Pichai Good afternoon Please take a seat The vegetables you gave
Tulasi’ma were delicious She gave us some Without fertilizers clean and also tasty I want you to supply the same quality I’ll buy it for whatever price you quote No rush, you can deliver in September You have 5 months to grow fresh supplies Then no problem, sir Whoever cooks with your vegetables… …will definitely dish out a tasty meal This is a list for 2000 guests How many? 2000 If we need more? My 2000 can easily accommodate 200 more This is for my daughter’s
wedding reception All credit goes to Tulasi’ma Is that so? Let’s go Tulasi’ma told me about your 5 acre farm Don’t supply to anyone else I’ll buy the whole lot from you But don’t use pesticides I’m not prepared to poison my guests! Tick whatever items you
can supply from this list Rest I’ll outsource If you tell me within a
week, that’s okay by me Thank you – I’ll take leave
– Please do I’ll deal with you outside He has given a list like Hanuman’s tail! With this header ‘Lord Muruga’s support’ Onion 40 Kg Tomato 35 Kg Carrot 25 Kg Potato 20 Kg Green peas 5 Kg This is a list for a whole market Are you mad or what? I thought he needed
vegetables for his house I had no clue it was
a wedding order, dear You said I own a farm of 5 acres I thought it would add to your image Tell him my huge farm split
into 2 in an earthquake I’ll lose my job, dear Give a convincing reason Why ask me? You must only pay for your mistakes You said you are like my own daughter Okay, I have an idea He asked me to tick what I can supply And he’ll outsource the rest, right? I’ll tick the header with God’s support Ask him to buy the rest outside What’s the matter, sis? This is my problem What is this? Onion, tomato…! You call this an order? Bro, don’t forget my commission Go and fetch the party Come inside, sis We must deliver separately to the hotel Bro, this is the lady who ordered Mani, help with the delivery Okay, bro Madam, don’t lose the list Send it a week before the function I’ll bill you according
to that day’s rate If it’s bought a week before… …won’t the vegetables rot? Will be fresh even for 10 days 1 day for plucking 1 day for packing 2 days in the lorry 2 days with me 3 days in the retail outlet 4 days in your fridge It will altogether add up to 15 days Growing vegetables in our back yard… …is a thing of the past We spray all this pesticide… …to only increase shelf life Onion over there is from Pakistan If vegetables shouldn’t ripe …and if fruits should be ripe …we have to resort to some gimmicks But they want organic vegetables No problem at all At that point of time,
dip them in mud like this They’ll be as good as new For flies to squat on it… …all you got to do is spray this It will become organic Don’t you have real, organic vegetables? Such vegetables don’t
exist in our country Promptly in the seed
stage must mix chemicals And spray fertilizers
4-5 times till they grow What happens to the consumer
who eats all this poison? Poison won’t scare him away Only price will make him run a mile! It isn’t as if tomatoes
are for the rich… …and eggplants for the poor It is one and the same for all You need any of the items here… …let me know, I’ll have them delivered Spray carbide all over It has to ripen at the same time Did you hear me? Okay, bro

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