1v1 Duel and Zombies!! – Minecraft Mini Games Ep 3 – Hypixel – HudinioGaming Plays Mini Games

1v1 Duel and Zombies!! – Minecraft Mini Games Ep 3 – Hypixel – HudinioGaming Plays Mini Games

hello youtube. welcome back to another episode of Minecraft minigames the fifth
in our series and the third one with Hudinio
again welcome video hello hello hello we decided to try strangely enough
something that sounds very PvP like yeah but it’s a bit different because what we
want to do is we would we would like to see what duels is about because we think
it might be 1v1 so yeah houdina wants to see who the true pvp champion is yeah so
yeah I’m really curious to see if it’s actually 1v1 I mean it sounds like it
all right so let’s check out classic duel let’s go for that one yeah there we
go and we should keep playing against each other because I just about fell
upon step 4 oh I don’t have any gear or anything no I think we will get its are
there you go George oh wait I let myself on fire I’m bad yeah oh I’m
on fire as well I get I have a feeling I might win this
although I’m on fire I mean again I’m gonna lose I’m gonna lose ya I was so
slowly am i sore that was oh yeah let’s try it again
alright again can you see me yeah I kind of is I and suddenly I saw you coming
towards me oh yeah I’m gonna lose again oh I got hit twice know what six I sig
that charge keep charging it’s fine no I’m gonna fight as well yeah and I
didn’t let you apply it throw myself on fire oh it blow I’m gone I think I I
think I just killed myself Oh No let’s do it again do it again alright
alright next this is fun yeah okay can you see me yeah oh really
in a Coliseum this is fun yeah I don’t know how many arrows we actually have
though I think it’s infinite now cuz I you definitely run out dance yeah sorry
I can’t even man how are you this good and I’m this bad I’m not good I’m poor
with you P oh I’m I suck move I’m already down two hearts and I haven’t
even met you once there we go oh we go [Music] no I think my bow is out yeah I told you
it’s not infinite oh dang it little losing huh you have 20 hearts
again do I know I don’t know yeah yeah you’re I think oh I think we regenerate
could be generating I’m down three oh yeah you definitely are regenerating get
your flames still ready next time I was coming after you
it was everything this city was out it was out it man I haven’t won one single
Gator Oh all that was close I’m bad estimating
where you are as well ah you won’t screw it screw it
yeah and I’m just like running towards you you’re like you are the Cowardly man
empowered Li kind of I am yeah yeah running away hut – should i Bozek
walking and why are you faster than I am I don’t I’m running away
yeah you can hit me and I’m just running away well I let myself on fire let’s do
it again all right you will you will I bet I it’s
not another thing is likely going to happen I’m gonna try something else this
is just this is just a fluke I promise come here come here official we’re gonna
get you and I can’t even hook you on the line oh I can get you
yeah I’ll kill you at the boat don’t pity me
seria what you didn’t even hit me how did you I was hitting you with a bow I
have no idea you were so actually let me yeah let’s do it lets you play again
okay I’m gonna change my feeling you I say
okay you gonna put it to normal ah close enough
oh you got me oh look at you [Music]
I’m out we’re just kidding miss he shut their
yeah ah I was so close though yeah okay so let’s
do one last one and then uh I’m bad at spending I think at least my photos were
phinabunk points I think you hit me way more yeah we uh I don’t know I think you
hit me with almost every shot it seemed I miss you Oh me I’m missing every shot yeah yeah
oh no not me oh you have one left Oh where you going don’t speak no arrows or smart and that’s out all right next
what you hit me from so far away there’s probably some lag involved oh wow that’s
bad what you are so far away and you literally I can’t even alright so yeah
maybe that’s not very fair I don’t I don’t know what it is like my few of you
is it’s normal right now let’s go to the lobby again okay but it’s you you’ll see
you’ll see on my recording like that like in the other games you were quite
close but now you are you were really far away
you were really what is zombies let me check that one out
unknown map the original zombies map stranded in the middle of a city make
your way through the high-rises to battle the undead that could be fun
after crashing into the courtyard of a beautiful mansion fend off zombies as
you uncover the secrets hidden within all your nightmares come true we have a
book shoot zombies the game coins use coins to open doors in order to advance
throughout the map gain access to upgraded weapons and perks high controls
lets the controls need to repair windows and revive teammates okay juice machine
right with your shoot right-click to use others three of us meet there well
there’s another guy sucker 20 2007 okay well let’s others you you you go
soccer oh there’s no work it’s full it’s one plays yeah alright well we’ll see ya
I’m gonna read more your position I don’t even know all right
it’s a all right so I have a gun fuck 133 okay
uh let’s follow up you guys yeah oh oh they are breaking through oh we just
need to defend our spot this and how can we I think we need to repair this is
well if Li shouldn’t have broken that and let the know it why should I shoot
you how could you how can we repair I don’t know hold sneak to repair sneak
sneak sneak I’m sneaking but I I’m not is that that oh did I do something oh
yeah I’m doing something oh yeah yeah I’m yeah just hold sneak there you go oh
I see there’s like they break in through every side okay okay something here yeah okay max ammo well I can finish I
can’t I can’t shoot okay shooting doesn’t work
nevermind I know shooting definitely works it works so much better alright I
don’t hi hi – icon shoot I’m almost dead are you Oh No
yeah I can’t shoes are you right clicking with your pistol
yeah none maybe come hang out with me oh no it’s pistol the pistol is new HOH
I had gone okay oh yeah wow that works yeah oh I got an insta-kill sword I
think yeah nice I had an insta-kill bonus I got insecure as well
Oh activate it insta kill for 10 seconds oh if you do you want doing really well
that oh there’s a boss huh zombie pigmen boss I use dead they’re mine he was
nothing the soccer guy is really bad yeah doing that well where are you I’m over
at a different window I think we all just need to take oh yeah I think
everybody has a window yeah I don’t think every round you have we we’re
waiting on that guy to kill somebody that’s why all right all I want to get
into the hotel there’s a 750 gold in there are you safely quickly what that is yeah
I had demon dogs and I was kind of surprised oh oh I see you’ve run out of
ammo with here oh you have to reload yeah you oh yeah how do you reload I
don’t know it just did it automatically I think they mention it like control
maybe no no it’s said in the book I don’t have the book anymore
oh there’s a guy who has the owner he has a TNT head oh I think there’s a TNT
zombie pigman is there are you safe oh no it reloads automatically never mind
let me quickly repair days oh it’s a little little baby zombie running around
with TNT on his head yeah I know oh I didn’t but oh he’s going Wow I
don’t know how you reload though I don’t know wait oh crap
left left left quick is reloading left clicks reload okay
yeah okay I got the hang of it I don’t think it’s a very interesting game to be
honest yeah probably not we’re going to try something else yeah
it’s very very repetitive repetitive indeed don’t rod yep insta-kill
Oh too bad it’s the rounds over oh I got you like I got your back yeah I was just
preparing the window oh I’m the head I’m the MVP oh no never
mind it’s you yeah I’m second-best though I took a while for me to get my
I’d like to know how the gun works visit next to the gun it says gun – yeah yeah I don’t understand what the gun to
think maybe you activate it by doing something else it’s their way to sell
things that we didn’t you’re gonna let yeah you can look right
well they’re all perfect let me I see you right click to open doors when you
go somewhere let’s see are there monsters in here yes yes there are oh I
see this was bad I should have done this you got more points yeah Oh oh gosh oh
gosh oh gosh oh thank you my my teammates oh yeah I died so don’t open
any any buildings how do I where are you sneak to revive sneak to
revive oh you have to sneak like over my corpse it’s okay I’m in an autumn idle
bit I think I killed everybody I’m dead again I’m that as well
yeah I I tried to repair everything you opened the kind of worms man yeah it was
my bad uh how much gold do we have then oh I see so in the office
there’s where is the office um so it was over by the window I was at yeah are you
good and you just go through oh nevermind
yeah so you have to right click to open the to open the to open and because I’m
I think that’s why the thing is the reason why it was all the same because
we didn’t progress in the story yeah okay should we try again perhaps yeah let’s let’s quickly try again okay
let’s let’s stay together no yeah I would say stay in the same
window and keep on like going through and watch each other’s back okay if I
have a thousand points let’s go somewhere maybe or if any of us have
never found I have 935 so we can go to there we can
go into the building if you want yeah let’s go
who’s going right let’s go inside to the let’s go inside the office yeah
are you coming where are you yeah I’m I’m behind you I’m behind you okay all
right opened we’re gonna be alone by the way that’s fine we just need to be
careful it’s it’s dangerous in here Oh somebody felt no one yeah because he
knows how the game works oh yeah nice yeah shotgun oh well the
nice thing is I can repair it while looking at the other side as well yeah
so I’m gonna find on the gold okay nice our bags gone – mmm I got you
Wow this thing is crazy and to both
reload reload yeah we I kind of have to get into hang of it now
yeah shotgun Emma hunter gold oh I see so yeah you spend your goal obviously –
yeah yeah yeah so I got leather like no rule there’s no oh do we have – oh never
mind you have to like kill the the guys below
as well uh probably so I don’t know if anybody
else is coming in here so now it goes no I mean like monsters maybe we have to
advance again I’m doing quite well yeah so maybe open something else I need to
regenerate ooh I’m gonna die where are you uh I’m
dead sorry I didn’t see where you were I can revive you that yeah 20 seconds to
repair we have you down yeah Cheers as you have my salt done by the way I think my wife just made a noise after
I killed that dog mm-hmm Oh God you open something else what did I that wasn’t my
intention yeah you did oh I did okay continue down
uh yeah I guess we have to kind of go in here now Oh
Chesley can I bite chestplate icon oh the shotgun is really slow yeah yeah
okay luckily we regenerate quite well though yeah I did not meant to open the
gallery I was actually clicking on the chest
next to it yeah but at least now we know how story mode works yeah I’d say we’re
doing pretty well this time yeah a lot because we know how the game works
yeah definitely helps I just want to have five hundred points Oh you want three share points we want them
to go no I don’t think so dang it I wanted uh okay
you got you got people following you oh man I do you already have a chest
plate I don’t yeah yeah I unlocks gold I think
right damnit stop stealing my kills sorry I
like the shotgun yeah it’s just really slow yeah but it hits hard if you’re
right up on everything yeah wild that yeah it took three shotgun shells kill
that one guy though Jesus this is this is hardcore yeah we need to get
something else I’m opening in the next room you need to
get new armor alright power stations open rocket launcher oh I don’t do I
have enough gold I don’t think I have enough gold for the rocket launcher
weapons chests for our housing gold huh what I get what I get I open the next
room and I’m up there now oh nice speed requires power okay we need power rocket
launcher 900 Oh Lois you know I don’t know I’m gonna I couldn’t I couldn’t buy
the rocket launcher suit for some reason mighty can I and I have not all bow oh
man this is tough yeah power switch activated the power you can
now use machines yeah I thought I see you switch that might be handy oh okay
so downstairs was the speed boosting one should you try to get it yeah I just had
to clear the stairwell though alright let’s go down or try anyway yeah okay
let’s go look go look up I’m banging yeah yeah I’m behind you I’m
down Jesus did you do to speed no no I didn’t I’m
trying to kill this zombie pigman alright speed there we go got it you got
it be activating the speed plug oh and now with this one spark activated okay
sweet okay I’m gonna go back upstairs I think
Oh let me just close whoa okay going back downstairs I think
I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m dead where I see if I can get to you I will
revive you oh my gosh all right there my mom we lost yeah you did yeah that was
good son I definitely want to do this again that was fun
okay let’s go to the let’s go through the lobby alright guys that does it for
this episode if you liked it make sure to smash that like button on both our
channels of course if you really enjoyed it make sure to subscribe comment below
with how newbie you think we were and we’ll see you I think we did quite well
yeah yeah in zombies I think we definitely did a lot better than the pvp
maps oh well well you did quite well on the PvP today oh man
alright so we’ll see you in the next one bye [Music] [Music] [Music]

6 thoughts on “1v1 Duel and Zombies!! – Minecraft Mini Games Ep 3 – Hypixel – HudinioGaming Plays Mini Games

  1. What did you think? Who was the true 1v1 PvP champion? How else can we test out might? Let me know in the comments below!

  2. Great intro. Loved the music during the PvP rounds ūüôā Also, a good thing to mention is that I did win a round or 2 off camera ;p

  3. Impressive intro – looks super cool. You're definitely the PVP champ (sorry Dark!). Any adventure maps you can try?

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