17kg 대왕문어(17kg Giant Octopus) / 포항 죽도어시장 / Pohang Korea

17kg 대왕문어(17kg Giant Octopus) / 포항 죽도어시장 / Pohang Korea

Does it look good on screen? Holy Cow! Good, God! Japanese love taking pictures. Like this. Let them see my face! There are no small octopuses in my shop. They’re all huge. (Is this different from that?) Yeah, It’s different. See, This one is red. When you look closely this area should not be thin. It has to be thick. It has to be thick. If it’s thin, There’s going to be a hole if you put your hand in it. It’s a cheap one. If you look at this, That’s what happens here. Do you see the gigantic one? We can’t sell this big one because you can see it’s wrinkled and easily punctured. You can see the hole, right? Yeah. When the octopus got plumped, after fattened, they are firm. We can’t make a hole in it. But as you can see a finger is just sticking out See? We can’t sell this. We can tell. We are selling the good ones only after separating. I mean NEVER! You can’t sell those kinds. We have an even bigger one. A bigger one? Yeah, bigger. Where? See? It’s different, right? This one lives below 100M deep, and this one lives between 150M and 200M. People usually think this part is the head, but it’s actually the body of an octopus. This part is the body and these are the eyes. You can think of this as the head. And it’s the arms. They are using these suckers to absorb. If you look at it, it’s like squid’s mouth. It’s the same as a squid. They pop out. Here we go. There’s a membrane here. No 1 This is the first step. No 2 And flipping~ Okay, number three is here. No 3 No 4 Now, No 5 This is what the octopus is eating. Let’s wash it up. OK! No 6 No 7 No 8 Now the gut is out. And the next, here No 9 Now 10 11 And the next is the eyes. It can be yucky. We will not tie a string. That’s how we do nowadays. Now, this part is done. These days we can see a lot of them preparing the entrails. If you look at the insides, number one, 2 3 Whew, that is a lot! And this is the throat lining. throat lining. It’s over when it bursts. I mean, totally. Now we will prepare eatable parts. We will cook them for you. If you cook them the Andong style, you need to boil them a little bit more and then pull them out. But we cook them much longer here in Pohang. Way more! You know, these two arms usually have a lot of scars because the octopus uses them to hunt their prey. Impurities float like this. It’s done when this white area turned red. This part doesn’t cook easily, so we need to cut them like this. We’ll have to boil it for another five minutes. So this is the internal organs. internal organs. The one I prepared earlier. So these are the lungs, and then gizzard, It’s a gizzard. a gizzard. How long does it take to cool off? Until a crease is formed right here. About 15 minutes? If you touch it, The temperature makes a lot of differences. The reason I’m poking is to get some water out. The octopus has a lot of moisture. This is the lung. Oh, It’s a good one! Should I cut this first? What is it? It’s the head. And this is the body. It’s incredible, right? It looks like tofu, right? Let’s cut it. Now this part. Here, in a bite-sized. The elderly usually love this. That’s the front. This is the back. You can see tendons here. Yeah. That’s the difference. Does it taste weird? (No, It’s tasty.) That’s a relief. God, that’s huge! OK, I’ll keep slice them now. Cut the skin off like this. This part is too thick to chew. Throw them away. Shall I continue? Should I keep piling? Good, done! It’s a 10kg box. Shooting is harder than I thought! Like this. If it loses too much moisture, the skin will be peeled. You wanted this way, right? We remove the skin when we deliver them to the funeral homes. Some people ask us to keep the skin on but we usually peel them off because it’s easily stuck in your throat. So that’ why. You can keep them for two days normally. Now, this one About a single serving this much about 150g to 200g something like that This should weight about 80g. You can keep it like this. The upper part can be stored a little bit longer than the bottom part When it’s frozen, it’ll lose its’ sweet taste. OK, let’s see. There are approximately 250 to 300 suckers in one arm. Now, this is the reproductive organ. It’s genitalia. a female.. the genitals private parts Penis! OK? Here we go. Stack it up. All good? Finished!

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  1. prepping the food on a street and a massive vat of boiling water anybody could fall into, the government would be all over this guy's ass in the west

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  4. These ppl eat everything I swear. They couldn't leave the Octo-pussy to live. I see why Corona virus is up like crazy now.

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  8. This savagery , heartless cruelty against animals and nature — now is matched by the aggression of corona virus. Poetic Justice . U deserved it. The Chinese, Japanese and Korea lead the show.

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  10. Then ya wonder how viruses spread! If you guys would quit eating eyeballs, batwings and snake dicks none of this would happen.

  11. Luego porque les da coronavirus 😂
    No es por ser mamona pero hay especies que para algunos son "comida exótica" pero para mí es una pendejada neta.

  12. You'll need to stfu and grow up this is food stop acting like you haven't eaten one of this precious ocean food and if you think he disrespectfully throwing the half dead octopus that's how Asian butcher's do it.

  13. I wish the octopus would’ve inked him or something didn’t even care that he was throwing the poor thing beautiful creatures and you wanna kill it

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