100 thoughts on “12 Zodiac Signs At Reunion Dinner

  1. As a Scorpio, this triggered me so bad. I would go to he dinner no matter what and give the guy death stares while talking about his life. I would come to eat food any day.

  2. Cancer one is not that true for me because I don’t cry about spicy food because I love spicy food. The indoorsy one is true because I’m lazy af so I prefer being inside 😂😂😂
    But I do have lots of Leo placements so maybe that’s why.

  3. You'll made Cancer look bad I understand that they r emotional but not that emotional they know when to cry a funeral is one of the prime examples of that

  4. i'm cancer, but its totally different with me..
    i'm also choleric-sangunis, so ussually i take a decicions, i ask people to do this and that, i manage people, and i hate crying also i hate to take personal in everything, thats why my friends say that i am savage girl..
    so sorry, its just not fit me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. I'm a cancer, but i'm not a crybaby… and I like spycy things… i kind of feel offended right now because i'm being represented as a little baby crying over the fact that it did not get what it wanted
    … but the video was quite funny😊😂

  6. Cancer is me and I am freakin’ sensitive and as a indian, my parents are always like you cry baby. Then I cry more. It’s a cycle. And my mom is a Scorpio and dads a Virgo. The whole family is a clean freak.

  7. sorry but you made gemini looks like stupid but we're definetly hell not.. we often who start any conversation and can't have any one be bossy over us

  8. people be commenting bout how little virgos were there but what about libra, it was literally a peace lover scene and thats it smh

  9. I’m cancer and I don’t like spicy only Doritos 😛 and sensitive and luv inside XD
    Edit:I’m mostly everything from cancer xD

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