10 TOP Holiday Dinner Pranks on Family!

Hey guys it’s rich folks in here, and it’s the holiday season You know what that means it’s time to sit together with your friends and family have dinner and prank the heck out of them That’s right today. I’m teaching you ten awesome pranks. You can pull your holiday dinner check it out Alright guys for this devious and simple prank what you’re going to do is get a can of this jelly cranberry sauce Which is very popular on thanksgiving and a box of jello and it can be raspberry or blackberry something thats dark? Red and what yo u’re going to do is go to the kitchen Open up the can of the cranberry sauce dump the contents into another container So you can save it for later make the jello and what you’re going to do is pour the jello into the cranberry sauce Can put this in the fridge let it cool and then what you have at the end is I can that looks like jelly Cranberries, but it’s not check this out [and] dump this sucker out oh Yeah, take this slice it up Just like you normally would and serve it to your guests nine more pranks to go this next prank is so simple I’ve actually done this on the today show I’ll put a link in the description. What you’re going to do is put some mashed potatoes inside of the container So you can put this in the fridge or freezer So it gets nice and cold the reason you do that is because you’re going to get an ice cream scoop And you’re going to scoop up some balls of mashed potato, and you’re gonna put it in another container look at that That’s beautiful Put some scoops of cold mashed potato into a glass container then dress it up with a little bit of chocolate syrup And if you want [to] throw a cherry on top and serve this to your guests As a side note the reason the mashed potatoes need to be chilled is so the chocolate hardens Alright guys this next prank is going to freak out everyone at the dinner table if your kid get parents to help you with this to prank the entire family We’re gonna do is take your turkey and you’re going to stick a small chicken? Inside of it, cook it as normal and serve it up at the dinner table But here’s the prank of course once they start carving the meat, people are going to notice. What’s that inside? which is normally the gizzard or the stuffing they’re going to pull out the inside and it’s going to be what looks to be maybe a baby turkey This is epic I can’t wait to hear any of you guys try it hit that like button. It’s free just do it. Alright, it’s the holiday season, and it’s festive and everyone’s having all kinds of fun drinks, especially Martinelli’s and different wines so what you can do is find one type of drink that matches another drink and swap it out So pour the wine or Martinelli’s into some container And then fill this up with 7up or something else and sit back and relax as people spit up their drinks This next prank is so simple and we’ll pull the whole family what you do is You cook your turkey as normal once you’re done pull out the stuffing or whatever happens to be inside of it And then take an unopen bag of stuffing from a box stick it inside the turkey and then presented at the table Don’t mention anything of it and as people start carving say hey Can you give me some of the stuffing pull out the bag and act as if this is how you thought it was supposed to Be cooked and prepared pull out the bag and everyone will freak out. What did you do? Why is the bag in there say well It said to put it inside the turkey and so play it off any way you want And of course you’ve already got the stuffing elsewhere in a different container bring it out and the jokes over But this is just a simple and fun friendly prank if you’re new to this channel subscribe right now Here’s a fun break you might want to pull people [at] the holidays There’s always an aunt or mom or somebody Preparing lots of food and you might want to pretend you can’t stand there cooking so what you do is you? Secretly placed an order for 20 pieces, but do it just loud enough So people over here you play it off like it’s not a big deal, and they’re going to think maybe you’re joking right So then what you do is you already have a cousin or another [friends] coming to the party later knock on the door about 20 minutes later And then you can act as if that’s the pizza delivery And of course if the end you realize just a joke and that your mom’s cooking is just fine This next prank is hilarious But it’s Gonna take a little preparation on your part What you do is go to [Cassie] get one or two of the buckets of chicken? And also the containers for mashed potatoes and maybe what you do is between now and holiday dinner is go ahead and get [it] distance Eat it with your family or whatever and save the containers what you’re gonna Do is put your food in these containers are released part of the food in these containers and presented the people At the dinner now once people are looking at you like you’re crazy Of course revealed the inside of the home cooked meals and you can bring out the other dishes and [presented] as well This is one of my absolute Favorite drink pranks what you’re going to do is get some jello that matches the general color of one of your favorite drinks It’s going to be served at dinner now. You can also Lie Non-coloured [Gelatin] and you can use color drops and color to be anything you want let’s say at the dinner You know there’s going to be juice for the kids with [the] straw [you] can make this jello put in the fridge And look what you got you have this solid thing of jello which looks like a drink the kids can suck off [but] nothing’s gonna happen. [it’s] hilarious and also people have wine So you can serve up a couple glasses of wine have these pre-made in the fridge And then there’s the big joke of course afterwards you bring out the glasses [you] pour the wine as usual But this is a hit at a party also It’s just fun to play with once the gag is over And you know what you already have dessert right here if you enjoy these tutorials, please share this video This next prank involves everybody’s favorite thing pumpkin pie. That’s right We’re going to do is get yourself a couple of these Uncooked pie crusts [going] to take one out stick it in the oven and cook it And that’s just so that the edges are a little golden brown and it looks legitimate because what you’re going to do Is do a prank of course [once] your pie crust is done and cooled Take it out of the oven and get yourself a can of whipped cream and what you’re gonna Do is fill this thing up with just whipped cream and serve it to your guests now [I] will know you can take a regular pumpkin pie and cut out all of the inside and throw [aside] or eat it and leave Just the cross for this prank, but I’ll leave this option up to you oh Yeah Look at that So [fill] this baby up with whipped cream and 70s and sit back and laugh as they try to cut this thing open now of course you can do this with any kind of pie doesn’t have to be pumpkin pie any pie that people enjoy have a [whip] cream on top? This looks so good I gotta get myself a piece Hey Hey What’s going on here? [free] taking This next prank is great to pull on the person Who’s prepared all the food what you do is you step up and say [I] want to volunteer to help bring all the food out? to the kitchen table Going to the kitchen to get yourself a tray and put random stuff on top of it left over food container some cereal spoons whatever it might be and make it look as if you have a tray of the holiday dinner come around the corner And then trip just when you’re inside of people right behind a counter and go down boom Stuff goes everywhere everyone’s freaking out have the real food trade Prepared just out of sight so when you come down you can reach over and secretly grab it and then come back down and go Oh my gosh guys This is horrible, and as you see everyone’s faces turn white especially people that prepared all the food work So hard you get to come up with the real tray and laugh Alright guys. Here’s a crazy bonus [break] for you, and if anyone does this [I] want to hear about it What you do since the holiday season and [you] got friends and cousins and brothers and people from out of town? Visiting that you haven’t seen in a while you might be in the mood to get in some trouble So what you do is you head down the street? and you see people coming and going out of the house and you let yourself in and act as if you’re distant cousins and just Go on in there Sit down Relax and start talking to people and you’d be surprised at how people will not know who you are and assuming you’re a date or a new [fiance] or Whatever it is Especially with [the] big party so [I] want to hear about this and if you do it make it a competition between your friends And see who can keep their face straight the longest alright guys if you enjoyed these prints And you want to see more hit that like button share this with your friends It really helps out a lot you guys have really been enjoying my giveaway so once again I’m going to give away my trick book what I’m gonna. Do is once we hit 10,000 likes [I’m] going to go through the [common] to pick 10 people I’ll reply to you and all you have to do is be the first to reply back to me in private message with your information And I’ll send this off to you guys Thank you guys so much for all the support and all the love this channel is blowing on [it] could do without you guys So just continue to hit that like button share my videos with all your friends, and [I’ll] catch you guys next week peace [Subscribers] Ferguson or else

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