박진영 사무실에 쳐들어가봤습니다.. (feat. 스트레이 키즈) 🎤 탈JYP 박지민 (2부) – [올때믹]

박진영 사무실에 쳐들어가봤습니다.. (feat. 스트레이 키즈) 🎤 탈JYP 박지민 (2부) – [올때믹]

– I don’t belong to JYP any more
– Yeah So he doesn’t need to manage me DAY6 use this room
for their band practice They are in the room, now? Oh? Oh! Hello Have you tried ‘Find a look-alike’? What? Wait a sec – He is not here
– Yeah She’s going to call him
in front of his office He’s not gonna show up out of nowhere, is he? That’s what I’m saying He’s not gonna come out from behind
and say “ guys! “ , right? I have a lot of doubts It won’t happen, right? I have lot of contacts related to JYP – Where is his number?
– Don’t tell me you deleted it I have his number Found it! What if he is sleeping now? Wow, you sound so loud! He’s not answering JYP’s not answering my call JYP! Please show up to “Don’t forget my MIC” – Please
– I’m here now You deleted my finger prints…… – Here we are
– Ta-da! I feel like I am at an exhibition now Hello This one! Look! Ice cream Then let’s take these two Why don’t we get some cakes? Which one? I always have
chocolate sea-salt caramel cake Excuse me? Chocolate sea-salt caramel cake Also a piece of this cake, please What if JYP calls after watching this? For managing you or something like that – I don’t belong to JYP anymore
– Yeah So he doesn’t need to manage me There some fans of JYP artists over there Let’s interview them – Hello
– Hello Japan! Ask them if they know you It’s me, it’s me He’s good at Japanese Oh, you’re good at English! Japanese, not English Yeah, Japanese – Just a little bit
– Really? Tell them to enjoy their beverages,
and we gotta leave We’re leaving, enjoy! Which one do you want? Let’s share them – Share?
– Yeah – Try this with strawberry jam
– Cheese! Strawberry is my favorite fruit Really? Good choice, then Let me try this Good? Delicious? Now have some with the cheese – Let me tell you this first
– Yes From now on, all the questions are
from the subscribers These questions are not avoidable Subscriber Q&A time Jimin, I feel like I took all your fats
what is the secret of your diet? Are you asking this
while I’m having this cake? Actually I wanna know My secret is
mental distress and not eating Not eating? Eating frozen soybean milk For about two weeks I don’t recommend it though I had to lose weight in a very short time Honestly, I think being on a diet is… To make myself healthy
and keep it that way But I used to think that
Being skinny is the only beauty Now, I don’t think so If you love how you look now That’s the self-satisfaction I’m not that skinny now But I’m so happy You look great Thanks I have a question for you Do boy bands go on a diet, too? How about you? I’ve never tried before… Oh… Get out By the way… I love to eat delicious food
and have a chat with people What is this program about? This is Mukbang Not about music? Aren’t we supposed to talk
about music? I’m the guest today so… Let’s stop eating and look around DAY6 use this room
for their band practice They are in the room, now? The section chief is in there I’ve told you before There’s an artist name for each room This is ‘Bobby Brown’ room – We met at the ‘A-yuk-dae’
– Yes, the ‘A-yuk-dae’ How could you run so fast? I ran very hard Hi – Good bye
– bye So that was Bobby Brown room Yeah This is Michael Jackson room Hello Hello, hello – Wow!
– What is this? Should I sing here? There are some melonas on the chair Yes, Melona… Wow! I saw something – Wait, wait
– Wait, wait – What did she see?
– What is this? Let us see Ta-da! This is so pretty Was that why you asked
what my favorite color is? Oh my… Now I know ‘tricking’ is not that bad Because I can get
something good like this I thought you guys were fooling me
I almost got angry Do you play any instruments? You play as an host and… As an accompanist for me, as well? Should I play? Then can we use this… We brought it
because we heard you could play guitar I can only play triangle and castanets What should I do? Wait, I… – No, no…
– He is our staff, right? He won’t show his face? – Yes
– Looks like grilled marshmallow – G.M
– G.M So, we are here now No more Mukbang
let’s talk about music It’s time to go to bed Please don’t click ‘skip’ button Watch this till the end I can see you guys keep clicking ‘skip’ button Don’t put ads in the middle of this clip If you do that, the views will go down What kind of music
are we going to talk about? Before that
There are subscribers Q&A What song and album
do you like the most? My favorite album is the one that includes
the song ‘Stay beautiful’ The album was made
when I left JYP The song is about
comforting someone you love by saying I like just the way you are
when his/her self-esteem goes low That is so like Jimin & Jamie Listen This is it Did you understand the lyrics? No, I think I felt it though Really? – Jamie’s ‘stay beautiful’
– Yes This song is to myself, as well Even though I wrote it for the other when we, singers write the lyrics some lines are what we wanna hear Thanks, Mr. GM You look sweaty on your nose Why don’t you have a break? Bye, GM I’ve never imagined
that I would witness in person my favorite artist singing next to me. Please sing a song… Actually I… If I love the song
and wanna be part of it I write the rap I wrote it for the song ‘To him’ Is that possible
to put the rap in that song? – In the bridge
– Ah, the bridge After the first verse – Shall we? Together?
– Yes – Great
– Please sing the other parts Ok GM changed his clothes Are you gonna stand and sing? Yes I don’t like hip hop I don’t like cats I’ve never dreamed of world travel When I stole a glance
at your bucket list World travel became my dream I tried to be a person
who you want me to be I can’t, that’s not who I am Seeing you not like me Forced myself to change
but didn’t work It’s too late to regret I can’t see you any more
even though I have feelings for you The girl you told yesterday
likes hip hop and likes cats,too Is she close to someone
who you dream of? It is no use telling you this I’m not your dream girl I’ve acted so hard I’m not her any more This isn’t the real me I just…just you… This is the feeling
when someone sings my song I’ve never felt this before I’ve only heard my songs
when my friends sing in karaoke – Really?
– And I always leave them Because I don’t wanna hear them – We sang ‘stay beautiful’ and ‘to him’
– Yes The content of each song is very different Yes, each song is about different person Also how you feel in each song ‘To him’ is that you try to change yourself
for someone you love ‘Stay beautiful’ is
more about comforting Which one is closer to your love life? Neither Neither? I’m afraid of showing my feelings
from the bottom of my heart Whenever I wanna express,
I write a song and let him listen to it And they are always in my album So cool It isn’t bad because I’m a singer I was a special host today
How was it? To be honest, it was so nice Because I… I have few celebrities
who I want to meet in person But, starting this Youtube channel You are the first artist whom I mentioned So you were today’s host Actually I wasn’t sure
you did a good job as an host Bacaused I asked questions more
than you did But, during the show
I was glad that I was with you Actually,
before I came to see you, I thought
you were chic and… You were so passionate about music After we spent some time today I found that you are
a charming twenty-three-year-old girl I’m so glad Did you guys hear that? So…how would you describe yourself? I am purer than I lookPost-credits scene is comingHave you tried ‘Find a look-alike’? No, I haven’t Now let’s see… What? Wait a sec My everything from one to ten It shows Se-Jeong

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  1. 1:28 JYP,, 혹시 이 영상 보시면 뮤플리로 연락 좀,,,
    제대로 모시겠습니다 – 💛

    📢 올때밐 게스트 추천 받습니다 –
    서동요 함 불러보자 ,,

    [🔊 LIVE ]
    6:06 Stay Beautiful – 박지민
    7:41 to him – 박지민 & 장문복
    ㄴ 라이브 풀 영상 올릴지 말지 고민 중,,
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    🎤 다음 게스트 – 자이언티

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  2. Her voice is heaven I got goosebumps while she started singing and yeah she so ryt beauty doesnt mean being skinny and chanie looks more handsome in black hair ❣💯😘 and lastly sorry for the bad english

  3. Thanks Jamie for those words. I often think very negative about my body image. Its good to hear positive things once in a while.

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