There is a casino at the entrance to a hotel Cool! I won 32 dollars! It`s so warm! I hope I can eat all of it The probability theory works. I won 32 dollars Surprise! we arrived at Tahoe national park There is snow This is California. In one city it’s hot, you can see palms, bananas, and tangerines. then you drive 2 hours by a car and you are at the ski resort I’m scared. you can’t play snowballs here no snow play! you got me at the entrance of the hotel –
casino. for 2 days we arrived with a huge suitcase Reno is in the same state where
and las vegas and is also known for playing casino here maybe we will try too. Honey! Are you going to play casino. I`m not sure! But I see your eyes. Maybe I`ll try. Not to try
it`s stupid. Well, in general, this hotel has a whole city. here starbucks. the shops. restaurants in general, you can not go out for a week – just live at the hotel so what do you think not bad

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